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  1. I'm so very sorry for your loss. Although I don't have any advice for your other dog, I do understand the unfortunate passing of your 11 year old. My 11 year old also passed due to sudden and extremely laboured breathing, until he had no breath left. I'd probably be driving myself crazy all over the internet to find help for a bonded pet. I can say I'm glad you reached out. I've been helped thru my grieving process (still ongoing) from this group, as well as reading the articles and eventually making my own remembrance post for my sweet boy I lost on January. All the best and I wish your family and Cooper peace and answers. xoxo
  2. So true! And it used to feel like forever to our fur babies for us to get home. I really hope that's how it is. Of course we can't know everything until we are gone as well. But it really helps to keep my hopes and dreams alive. ♥️🐕💜🐈💛🐩
  3. Thanks I just saw this after posting my first letter to Prince! It can also be done in private. xoxo
  4. I'm deeply saddened by you loss... I'm so sorry. Honestly, it sounds like you did the best you could. It's so unfortunate that our loving pets die so soon! I've found a little comfort and hope by reading these blogs. @kayc has been an inspiration. I'm continuing my story about my dear Prince who passed in January. Please read and the resources here have helped immensely. All the best.
  5. Thanks for sharing more about Arlie and Kitty! I didn't know "Easy Cheese " was a thing until I went to Scotland in my 20's. But man, could my Misty and Prince ever hear the block of cheese being unwrapped. 'Twas one of their absolute favorites.
  6. Dear Prince, It's like lately I'm been going on my life without thinking too much about how we were. Our daily routines, our afternoon snuggles, how you were always there for me... During this pandemic I'm missing you more than Ever. Our walks, our night cuddles. I sleep with a stuffed poodle now (and sometimes Misty). 'Till we meet again and are smelling our familiar smells of eachother... I miss you So Much. XOXOXO
  7. @kayc Thank you for continuing to share about Arlie, I don't come to the forum as often as I did for the few weeks after my dog passed. I guess it brings up emotions that I'm repressing. And my heart goes out for everyone who has lost a best friend, too. I remember telling Prince it was alright for him to go; that it's ok to let go now, as he was gasping for breaths. Within a minute, he was gone. I saw the terrified look in his eyes before I said that and knew I had to comfort him and allow him to be free from pain. I look forward to reading more about Kitty, too. When I'm ready, I'll write more about Prince's life.
  8. Wow, I Finally picked up Prince's footprint plaque. I'm realizing how much more grief will come, but I'm glad I finally did it. His Memorial is complete. As we know, words don't really sum all these big feelings up, but I sure am thankful for the couple of you on this forum Continuously to share their time, memories and support!
  9. That's too funny! My cat doesn't want to have anything to do with others, he's a real Mommas boy.
  10. @kayc She said it was alright! But I picked him up anyway to show him how the other dogs play. 😆
  11. Rare photo of Prince cuddling with Misty. There's the crown bed pillow above his head.
  12. @kayc Oh wow, what a beautiful cat! Thanks for sharing her picture. I just want to kiss her nose. 😸
  13. Prince always loved to be comfortable. When he got here, he immediately gravitated toward the couch and spent most of his time there. When I bought him his crown bed, he immediately took the removable pillow out and brought it on the couch to cuddle with there. The shell became his toy box. I took him to a dog beach, knowing he probably wouldn't want to play in the water, but to get some off-leash play. As I'm watching the other dogs frolic and play catch in the water, Prince is way behind me making himself comfortable on a blow up chair that a lady was in the middle of inflating. What a Cushy guy!
  14. I'm glad you reached out here; I did after my little Prince passed and I've found some comfort and a little hope. Letting go is too difficult so we keep memories and our love for our beloved pets within us. Thank you for sharing a little about Benny and if you like, you can add a photo. (One of Prince's little buddies was a Doxie) Lots of comfort, Melissa.
  15. @kayc Thank you so much for your words. You described his "heart nose" like your Miss Mocha's. I never realized this about Prince. Thank you for the "new" memory ❤
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