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  1. That's too funny! My cat doesn't want to have anything to do with others, he's a real Mommas boy.
  2. @kayc She said it was alright! But I picked him up anyway to show him how the other dogs play. 😆
  3. Rare photo of Prince cuddling with Misty. There's the crown bed pillow above his head.
  4. @kayc Oh wow, what a beautiful cat! Thanks for sharing her picture. I just want to kiss her nose. 😸
  5. Prince always loved to be comfortable. When he got here, he immediately gravitated toward the couch and spent most of his time there. When I bought him his crown bed, he immediately took the removable pillow out and brought it on the couch to cuddle with there. The shell became his toy box. I took him to a dog beach, knowing he probably wouldn't want to play in the water, but to get some off-leash play. As I'm watching the other dogs frolic and play catch in the water, Prince is way behind me making himself comfortable on a blow up chair that a lady was in the middle of inflating. What a Cushy guy!
  6. I'm glad you reached out here; I did after my little Prince passed and I've found some comfort and a little hope. Letting go is too difficult so we keep memories and our love for our beloved pets within us. Thank you for sharing a little about Benny and if you like, you can add a photo. (One of Prince's little buddies was a Doxie) Lots of comfort, Melissa.
  7. @kayc Thank you so much for your words. You described his "heart nose" like your Miss Mocha's. I never realized this about Prince. Thank you for the "new" memory ❤
  8. I'm afraid to lose memories. I'm already forgetting and just realized it a few days ago. It seems more normal that he's not around, already. Does anyone else understand? I hate this, and just wish he'd come to me in a dream or send me a sign.
  9. @kayc Thank you. I feel grateful to have a few close to me there, it wasn't always that way. We do celebrate our past loves in our hearts every day. I'm grateful also for you always being here, providing comfort and hope for myself and so many others who are grieving. 😊
  10. I attempted to have a Celebration of Prince's Life today and planned on reading my other post today, but I just couldn't. His old friend/rival pug came with a friend, along with my close family who lives nearby. I set out a photo collage of him, & a beautiful drawing from my 14 year old stepdaughter. I did talk about him a little and was mostly happy. I still feel that void and heartache. I'm depressed. I know life goes on and it's hard right now. I know time will heal although I don't think it ever can do so completely. He'll always hold a special place in my heart.
  11. Sorry to hear your dear boy has passed on. My dog passed away just over 2 weeks ago, I don't feel like I'm dealing very well with it, so I'm here, sharing my story and can hopefully offer some comfort to others. I also have a cat with urinary tract problems. He was at the vet for about a week because he didn't recover as quickly as he should have after surgery to remove crystals, and his was also very bad, as described like sandpaper. He's ok now, I would strongly advise a different vet for your kitties as I've heard that blood in urine is definitely Not OK. You are not to blame, and you may feel like something different could have been done, I am still going through those feelings and please know... we do our best. I hope you find some comfort here. There's some great articles on dealing with loss of pets that you can find in other posts, and I've found some comfort just Googling about ways to deal with the sadness. I wish you all the best 🙂
  12. When he became comfortable and decided I was his Person, I was thrilled. We lived in an apartment and I took him for around 5 short walks daily, where he would skip down the hall in joy and anticipation. I didn't know dogs could skip, and have a video of it on YouTube I'll try to attach. What a happy fellow. https://youtu.be/4oMExM8p1pU Prince didn't fetch our shoes, but to our relief he decided to steal shoes when we arrived home instead of jumping on us! It was a game, and up till his last days I always would say to my daughter as we got through the gate to our door, "Who's going to be so happy to see you! Watch out for your shoes!"
  13. @kayc Being without pets is something I hope to never experience for very long. I'm definitely more lonely without him (I'm a singles parent of one and my cat). I look forward to hearing about Kitty and really enjoyed reading all about Arlie!
  14. Ugh, I'm so sad to hear about your bulldog. This sudden and distant death of your friend must be very hard. I'm new here after suddenly & unexpectedly losing my dog to heart failure. I had a cat previously who had to be put to sleep while I was away and I don't think I've ever really come to terms with it. I don't have too much advice, maybe my posts will help. I know people here have been helpful too.
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