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  1. Thank you, kayc. I'm so sorry for the loss of Arlie. I'm not sure why I'm feeling this loss so much. I've had other pets, but this one is the hardest. I got her ashes back from the vet yesterday, and I felt it all over again. At least she's home, just not the way I want her to be. I have to say, though, the vet's office has been really great. They sent flowers over the weekend, which I thought was so sweet. She was such a sweet baby, and I bet your Arlie was as well. I'll keep you in my prayers.
  2. I lost my sweet baby Bella yesterday, February 4. We had 10 wonderful years together, and I miss her terribly. She was the sweetest and the most loving dog you could ever imagine, and she was a part of my family. She was the first dog that my blended family ever adopted together in our little house on Footprint Drive. What is so horrible to me is that she had something that could have been prevented so easily. I had no idea that a dog's uterus could become infected if she wasn't bred for a long time. When we got her at the age of 5 (she was 15 when she passed), she had already had two litters of puppies, but her previous owners hadn't had her spayed. Unfortunately, we never did, either, and that was a terrible mistake. When the vet found it, he said she needed an emergency spay, which I was perfectly fine with him doing. When they opened her up, they found a large mass on her kidney which had also adhered itself to her ovary. At that point, he said that there was nothing more he could do, and he recommended euthanasia. I didn't even get to say my final goodbye to her. It's just tearing me up inside. Please. If you have a female dog that hasn't been spayed and you don't plan on breeding her, get her spayed asap.
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