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  1. Thanks Kayc. It has been 5 days and there have been a lot of firsts. The first day was the hardest, dealing with what we had done, then not getting his supper, not putting him out and in bed with us that night feeling his little body next to ours. On Thursday, I was making my grocery list and realized I wouldn't need dog food or treats. My husband and I went out to eat on Friday and it hurt because we didn't get to take any thing home for Benny. Still miss him so much. Mom & Dad
  2. Our Benny was a 16 year old black & tan Doxie. He ate and slept with us and we took him every were with us, vacations, grocery store(he stayed in the truck) and parks. I mean he went every were with us. About two years ago he started going blind and last year( 2019)he started walking in circles, all ways to his left. We took him to the vet, they said it may be an inner ear problem, they gave him two shots, the first went fine but the second he yelped and tried to bite the vet. After that he started loosing control of his back right leg. The last eight or more months he got to the point where he would run into every thing and he couldn't find his food & water dish. My husband & I decided to have him put to sleep on 2/10/2020. When we got to the vets, we had to wait in the waiting room for about five minutes and when we finely got called back, they didn't know what we were there for. Then they took us to another room, it had a cold metal table but they said that we could hold him, I felt the life go out of him and God I wanted him back. After they gave him the shot and he went limp, they had me place him on the table until his heart stopped beating. I feel like I murdered him. It is so hard because he was with us twenty four/ seven. Mom & Dad of Benny
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