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  1. I’m sorry to hear about your situation too. It’s so hard to know what to do for the best really. I guess we have to just trust our intuition and hope for the best, as you say, if it’s meant to be then they will return, but it’s so heart breaking.
  2. Thanks kayc. I do understand what you’re saying but we do still speak and see each other. It’s sad because he has changed a lot. I was with him a few days ago and he’s there but it’s like he isn’t present. I have read a lot of these threads and often your comments on them. I note that this happened to you ten years ago and I mean no disrespect but are you on this site still because of Jim? To talk only about this situation? Do you feel like you’ve never gotten over it? X
  3. Hi All, Hoping to hear from people that have been through a similar situation. So basically I started dating the most beautiful man in May of last year and things were tough from the beginning really - his Dad had been ill for a very long time, but his life was in the final stages when we got together. It was such a hard time for my boyfriend and frustrating for us both and he ended the relationship just a few weeks before his Dad died in September, explaining that he could not cope with everything and needed to be on his own. I kept in touch as a friend and because I ve
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