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  1. I figured that’s where it’s headed and I was hoping for a different response. Reading that breaks my heart and brought me to tears. The timing is not right and that’s the crappy part😢. Thanks for your input.
  2. I’m going through something similar. my girlfriend, well now ex girlfriend, loss her sister almost a year ago (only sibling). I met her shortly after, she was in terrible shape and she told me she’s not ready to be in a relationship. I was there to comfort her and everything, ultimately we both fell in love and became a couple. Until recent, she decided to break it off with me because she she’s not ready for a relationship. Me and her family grew extremely close to the point I call them mom and dad. She tells me that she’s not ready because she cannot give me the full experience of love because she loss herself when her sister died. I tried everything possible to win her back, me being 32 and stupid thinking that love could help cope with her situation and rekindle the feeling she had towards me, epically failed. She told me that she needed space and don’t make it harder than it is, she’s already suffering and it was one of the hardest decision for her make ending our relationship, but she need to focus on herself. she doesn’t want to see me now because it’s too painful. Yet she goes out with her friends, which I understand because she needs company. She told me that “I love you so much you have no idea, but the love I have for you is greater than a love of a relationship.” (She’s Spanish from Spain) Which confused the crap out of me. I still have no idea what that means, does it mean that she love me as a lover or a friend? She tells me that she doesn’t want me to leave her because I’m the most important person in her life. I’m still trying to figure things out myself, I read multiple articles and its basically telling me to live my life and focus on yourself. I know it’s not what you want to hear, it’s like the old sang “if the love is true, it will eventually find a way back to you.” a nicer way of saying the relationship is over. What I’m doing right now, is giving her the space she needs and try to help her through this process. Yesterday we went shopping together and she still call me babe. her sister one year is coming up in a couple weeks. My plan is to be a friend and host a dinner at my place. I’m coordinating it with her father so her and her mother have no idea. I’m also making a power point slide of her sister from infant years to her death and will have each one of us stand up and talk about her sister and what we would like to say to her. i feel the more we do, the more damage it causes. I think it would give them a different prospective of what they see in us, instead of a person who cares, they see it as us being “too needy.” ill keep you posted on my experience and hopefully it shade some light onto your similar situation. If you want to keep in contact my INSTAGRAM is BOBOBOOM87. I’m new to this page so I don’t know how to keep in touch with people on here. I’m sorry what you are going through. I know how it feels, the heart feels heavy and you can feel every best like it trying to leave your chest, yet it feels empty. Sometimes it’s hard to breathe, your body feels like it numb with no blood circulating. You’re overall strength is just gone with no appetite. What I’m doing is going back to my old routine, even if I don’t want to do it, I force myself. It’s uncomfortable at first but I think it’s getting better. Again, I’m sorry for what you’re going through.
  3. Hey Everyone, This might have bad grammar since I’m texting this on my phone. My girlfriend and I broke up this past weekend, March 1st. Here’s the whole story. when I met her she recently lost her sister, who was also her best friend. She was drowning in pain and told me she’s not ready for a relationship. I was the typically guy to try and get with her. After getting to know her, I started to fall for her. We both hung out nearly everyday and our feelings started to develop for each other. Eventually we got together, emotionally we were strong, but we weren’t as intimate as we should be due to her pain and suffering of the lost of her sister. Shortly before the break up, she told me she needed to move back to her parents and figure things out. That same weekend she went to her grandmother’s (which is an hour away) To clear her mind. Usually she invites me but this time she didn’t. That’s the same weekend she broke our relationship. She said she don’t think she’s ready and she thinks that she rushed it and forced herself because she love me. Moving on.. she tells me that she doesn’t want to lose me because she loves me so much and doesn’t want me to leave her life. Yet, she tells me that I can go and date other people( which she doesn’t like the idea but she understands that I have my needs). I told her I can wait for her and try to help her through this tough situation. She proceeded with “I don’t want you to wait because it pressures me to get better and I can’t heal knowing that you’re waiting for me.” Which doesn’t make sense to me at all. I ask her if she still loves me and she said “I love you so much, you have no idea how much I love you. but the love I have for you is much more than a relationship love.” (She’s spanish) which confused the crap out of me. Please someone explain to me what that means and please share your experiences and advices. I’m in need of help! I hate feeling this way. What should I do? I know it sounds like me me me me, but I truly do care for her and want to help her as much as possible. It’s almost a year since she lost her sister. -Bo
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