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  1. I figured that’s where it’s headed and I was hoping for a different response. Reading that breaks my heart and brought me to tears. The timing is not right and that’s the crappy part😢. Thanks for your input.
  2. I’m going through something similar. my girlfriend, well now ex girlfriend, loss her sister almost a year ago (only sibling). I met her shortly after, she was in terrible shape and she told me she’s not ready to be in a relationship. I was there to comfort her and everything, ultimately we both fell in love and became a couple. Until recent, she decided to break it off with me because she she’s not ready for a relationship. Me and her family grew extremely close to the point I call them mom and dad. She tells me that she’s not ready because she cannot give me the full experience of
  3. Hey Everyone, This might have bad grammar since I’m texting this on my phone. My girlfriend and I broke up this past weekend, March 1st. Here’s the whole story. when I met her she recently lost her sister, who was also her best friend. She was drowning in pain and told me she’s not ready for a relationship. I was the typically guy to try and get with her. After getting to know her, I started to fall for her. We both hung out nearly everyday and our feelings started to develop for each other. Eventually we got together, emotionally we were strong, but we weren’t as intimate as
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