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  1. I was looking back on our security camera in our house the night before he passed, in the bottom left corner he is laying on the blanket, he always slept in bed with us but because he was so unsteady we didn’t want him jumping off the bed and potentially hurting himself so we made him a little comfy pallet on then the floor.(I ended up bringing him in the bed to snuggle him) but motion was detected around 11pm it could be dust or a bug but I like to believe its something sprinkling down on him, touched by an angel, maybe his soul leaving early so he didn’t have to experience how terrible the following morning was going to be. It’s brought me some comfort seeing this, and maybe it will for you that there are angels looking over all our fur babies. 3A1BC00F-EE67-4AB0-BCEF-E25E3F8BA9DD.MP4
  2. My three year old keeps asking where he is and that she wants to play with him and it’s like a punch to the gut every time. She is too young to understand we keep telling her he’s playing in heaven.
  3. Thank you so much for the kind words and words of reassurance, I knew one day I was going to have to say goodbye and that it was going to be hard but man this is rough. I read that link you sent thank you so much I like the idea of writing a letter to him to try and get everything out and ask for forgiveness. I appreciate you both taking the time to give words of comfort.
  4. On Sunday we made the gut wrenching decisions to put our beloved French bulldog to sleep. I am left with feeling such strong waves of guilt and regret. I was a business owner and now a stay at home mom so he was by my side everyday, he was only just shy of 8 years old. Over the last year he has had neurological issues he had paralysis of the right side of his face he couldn’t blink his eye, he was treated for middle and innermost ear infections but medicines didn’t work and he strained to open his mouth on the one side all the way. But he was the happiest go with the flow dog, who just wanted to be with us, and playing and rolling in the grass, he still had joy. Come Friday I noticed he wet the bed which is extremely unlike him, Saturday he could barely stand up without falling over, and when trying to walk he’d be lopsided. Sunday he again peed on the blanket he was sleeping on throwing up and unable to stand, we brought him to the ER and ended up saying goodbye after discussing if there were other options. Doctor thinks it as likely he had a mass or tumor, putting him through the ringer of tests, scans, meds, no surgery didn’t seem fair, but now i wish more than anything I did. During everything I kept second guessing myself and just wish more than anything I scooped him off the table and brought him home. He was too young, he was outside rolling in the grass days prior, it all happened too fast. I’m left with such an emptiness and guilt that I should have done more or tried harder. It’s only been a few days and I miss him terribly. I don’t really know what I need from posting this I’m just really struggling.
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