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  1. It's 5 days before the anniverary of the day my world as i knew it changed and Im all over the place. I lost my daughter on April 2, 2017. It was sudden, tragic and in the home my husband and children still reside in. I am feeling Anxious, angry and frustrated after having to.deal with this also knowing that there is nothing i can do legally due to the fact my child had medical issues even though it was caused by pure negligence. I DONT WANT THE MONEY I WANT JUSTICE. I DONT THINK THIS WOMAN SHOULD BE MEDICALLY CARING FOR ANYONES CHILDREN. Its sad that there is nothing that can be done. I relive that time everyday and live with regret, and anger with myself for even trusting anyone with my child!! I have nigtmares, daymares and thoughts constantly. I have been to therapy, extensive and outpatient. I am super overprotective if my other chidren especially with the pandemic that is happening now Im terrified. I need advice!! Help!!
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