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  1. Hey MartyT and Mark Coz, I appreciate your kind words. I find them very useful in how I have been reflecting. That day I posted was in fact a bad day, and most days I am not feeling that way. A close family friend had passed and it brought out some underlying thoughts/emotions that have always existed. Ive just had the urge for the longest time to reach out and just talk to someone, and I think I finally will. Many thanks for your thoughts, John
  2. Hi, I’m 23. I just had a bad day, probably the worst in years. I’m sure many of you who have lost a parent at a young age know what I’m talking about. I ask myself all the time if it’s normal for me to still think about my father passing every day, but nevertheless I do. I have truly felt lost emotionally for the longest time and I believe it prevents me from making true relationships outside of anyone who doesn’t know my past or had a similar experience. I’ve never sought out help, but I just can’t help it because I break down when I think about how vulnerable about I’ve been for a long time. I just wanted to try and ask this group, has anyone had a moment when they felt the turned the corner in terms of making relationships having felt so much grief at a young age? -J
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