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  1. Thank you very much Kayc for your support. I think i will have to remove all his pictures and videos from my phone because it breaks my heart . I believe all dogs goes to heaven. Thank you again for the video.
  2. Thank you so much for your loving words.💞
  3. Hello I'm so glad i came across this page because I'm feeling so bad and hurt right now.I recently brought a puppy for my parents, he was fine and very playful even my parents and my first dog who is 4 yrs old were so in love with that little bundle of joy.He was one month and 3 weeks. On friday night my mum called me telling me that Bailly started to vomit.We did'nt become alert thinking that may be he ate too fast . on saturday morning Bailly was still throwing up.I took him urgently at the vet who made 3 injections with him ( vomiting, deworming and for immune system ) but B
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