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  1. Today would have been your 11th birthday when I’d have pampered you like a spoilt child with endless treats and toys although I know you would have not enjoyed this current heatwave but that aside over one year on and I still cannot come to terms you are gone forever as your loss has had a detrimental effect on my health although I’m trying so hard to let you go as I know you would not have wanted me to end up this way.I also had a dream the other night of you running through your fav park and me shouting you back.That’s when I wish I hadn’t woken up.Love you and still miss you everyday ❤️🥲 Love to all xx
  2. HG88 that is so beautifully and eloquently put it’s had me crying my eyes out.Thank you❤️ Frankie
  3. Thanks Kayc and hugs to you and sending love to all our fellow pet lovers on here who are going through the same thing but I’m not sure if it’s a good idea me coming on here as reading some of the posts has me reaching for the handkerchiefs.Stay safe everyone in these craziest of times. ❤️Frankie
  4. Exactly one year to the day when you left this world and my heart has ached every single one of them days and still does and oh what I would give to hold you in my arms one last time and give you a big kiss but I know this can only be in my dreams.My beautiful boy you have left a void in my life that can never be filled but my pain is lessened to know you are no longer suffering.Love you forever😘❤️
  5. Thanks Kayc for your as ever comforting kind words and no doubt this forum has also given me comfort knowing the we are all experiencing the loss of our beloved pets. Love to you all❤️ Frankie
  6. I feel your loss as we all do and my he his a cutey.April 27th will be exactly one year since i held my Coco’s head in my arms for the last time and just today I had a good sob and yes while the tears have lessened the pain has not.I close my eyes at night and I fall asleep with him by my side then I wake up just to emptiness but I try to remind myself that he’s no longer suffering although the guilt I have is still with me as I didn’t know that he had heart disease when he used to just lie down on our walks in his last 2yrs.I’ve had colleagues say to me surely you’re over the loss by now so safe to say that they’ve never owned a pet.The grief has been and still is overwhelming to the point that when I get home from work and open the door to see he’s not waiting for me anymore that voice enters my head saying to me there is an easy way out to end my pain but I’d like to think I’m winning that battle as at least I’m still here. Love to all and stay safe Frankie
  7. We never get over grief but we learn to live with it.8 months since my Coco passed but without sounding like a parrot every time I post but for me personally the grief is still so intense day after day.I come in and he’s not waiting for me at the door,I long to hear his feet on the wooden floor,I miss his yelping while he’s dreaming,I miss him waking me up wanting his breakfast then his daily walk,I miss drying him down when we’ve both got soaking wet but most of all I miss his cuddles and the undying love that he had for me and I had for him.Love and good health to you all❤️ Frankie
  8. Hi Agemgem.My heart goes out to you for the loss of your beloved dog.You’ve done the right thing by coming on this wonderful website where we all know what you are going through.Hell it’s 8mths since my boy left me and I’ve cried every single day and I was very nearly contemplating joining him as I was in a dark place and still am to some extent.I knew my Coco’s end was near so the sudden loss of your dog must be that much greater and you are right when you say many people mainly non pet owners may I add will never understand the grief over losing any pet.I cannot even have all my memorial mementos that I’ve bought put on display yet as the pain is still too great although I do have his urn,a framed picture,a candle and a few of his toys as a reminder he’s still close to me and I’m in the process of instructing in my will for my ashes go into his urn when my time has come.The only advice I can give you is to take your grief as each day comes and to make a little shrine as I have done as it will be a reminder in time of the happy years together you both had and this website has some people who are better than me at giving advice with care,compassion and love.This is a year that I want to erase from my memory and thankfully it’s nearly over.Sending you hugs and I pray that your grief will soon find peace. Frankie xx
  9. Wow I agree with Kayc that has had me crying my eyes out as nearly everything you have described are the exactly same feelings as I’ve had and it’s very evident your love for Daisy is there for all to see + I know it’s probably no consolation but 14yrs is a great age.7 months since my boy passed + not a day goes by when I don’t think of him + I still cannot look at pictures + videos of him as it’s still very painful.The emptiness of the house is the worst aspect of losing him even though I’ve adopted one of the neighbours cats but she somehow senses when I’m feeling very down as she comes straight on my lap but like all of us I’d love to be with him when I finally pass.Best wishes + happy Xmas to all what has been for me personally the most horrid year of my life. Frankie xx
  10. Thanks Kayc .+ to all of my fellow pet lovers who have replied so beautifully to this topic and this website has been a godsend knowing that we are all suffering in one way or another be it a human or a pet loss so for me it is comforting to know every single one of us knows what each of us is experiencing.Stay safe all in these weirdest of times. Frankie xx
  11. Thanks Michele + Gracie for your kind words.As a matter of fact he hated the beach as there was nothing for him to smell + lick so I think deep down he was a park dog + he only paddled in the water as he was quite wary.I wrote a long poem just after he’d passed which I now have framed so I will try to put it on here in the next few weeks.Oh what a horrible year to forget as we in the UK have gone back into a very strong lockdown as no socialising or seeing family is now banned so these dark cold nights are going to be even harder to bear + the thought of not seeing him rip open him presents on Christmas Day fills me with dread so with everything that’s going on this year for me will be just a normal day.Like you Michele I still have a cry most days but I’m trying to accept his passing with the fact he’s no longer suffering + in pain although this is easier said than done.I still have the neighbours cat for company but this is probably because I feed her well but I honestly do believe she senses my inner sadness especially when I’m crying as she likes to sit on my lap.Michele,Gracie + all fellow pet lovers I send hugs,prayers + peace + hope as time passes our grief fades away. Frankie xx
  12. Six months today You finally slipped away Not a day has gone by When I haven’t had a cry How they flew by All those years Now only memories Filled with my tears When I close my eyes You are running free Oh how I wish That it could be you and me I know deep down in my heart That can never be So Coco my beautiful boy It’s time for you to run free My life is a darker place without you.Love you forever Coco❤️
  13. Paula I certainly know where you are coming from as what you have wrote could have been written by me and probably many others off here so you are not alone in having those feelings.Nearly six months for me but my the pain and sadness is still with me most days.In fact just before writing this I decided to look at the many phone pics I have of him but I still cannot look at them without crying but by doing this I hope it will get easier for me but it’s no exaggeration that my grief has been immense on my mental health,so much so that I still have dark thoughts although these are less frequent but cuddling up to him in bed at nights are what I still miss most and licking my face in a mornings urging me to get up for his breakfast then his walk.Think it’s time for me to stop there😢and I wish you prayers and peace as I do to all our bereaved pet lovers on here. Frankie x
  14. I’m so sorry for your loss and what a beauty he is.You’ve taken the first step in your grieving process by coming on here as it has greatly helped me and I’m sure most people on here come to terms with our losses.You did your best and you should remember even though it’s no consolation right now the 6yrs you had together.We or I did take their lives for granted thinking they will never get sick and live forever as in reality compared to our own theirs to us is a short existence but you should feel no guilt whatsoever.Let the tears flow and all your emotions out as often as you like as speaking from a personal point of view the pain,sadness and sorrow will not go overnight as nearly 6mths on from losing my boy I still cry nearly everyday.May time bring you peace.Sending you prayers🙏🏻and hugs Frankie
  15. My heart goes out to you on your loss and you’ve prob heard this many times already but 21yrs is some longevity but 1yr or 21 the grief is still the same and an empty bed at night is something I’ve not yet got used to although one of the neighbours cats is still preferring to stay with me rather than her own home but as I’ve already posted I still tend to cry a lot so maybe she can sense my grief and pain or she just likes a quiet house as the neighbour has young children.Either way she’s company especially as we’ve gone into yet another lockdown which makes the loss of my boy even harder to take as the many restrictions now placed on us regarding social interactions and seeing family are now banned so I feel his loss even more now we have to stay at home a lot of the time.Sending love to all Frankie x
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