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  1. Guys/gals thank you for your lovely words and you are all in my thoughts and prayers in our sad times and Kayc that is beautiful.I must have spent over £300 on the Etsy app on memorial gifts but I still can’t put them on show as still too raw but hoping when/if time eases my grief I can put them on display. Love to all Frankie x
  2. Well it’s 100 days since you left this world 100 days when my tears have flowed 100 days of pain and sorrow 100 nights of being all alone As I rise out of my bed i cannot get you out of my head Every night I dream of you Oh if only they would come true Deep down I know that this cannot be no more of you and me i love you more than words can say Your in my thoughts every day Forever broken is my heart it will never mend as long as we’re apart Coco I miss you so so much😢😘😘😘
  3. I think in future Kayc I’ll leave the advice up to you as you put it more beautifully than I ever could but what a sad situation to be in especially as you say if the person is a minor and not an adult.That to me makes it even sadder as no child never mind an adult should ever be forced to hide their grief.What you say Kayc about talking to Arlie certainly resonates with me as I do the same everyday and I even take him bed with me but I’m not sure if it does me any good as I always end up in tears and three months on i still cry many times a day.Wishing peace and prayers to all. Frankie
  4. So sorry for your loss and I can only imagine what you are going through especially regarding your family.I can only offer my own opinion what I would do in your situation and that is to tell them straight that you need to grieve and suppressing your feelings will only make you feel worse and to say they cannot remember where they buried him is to me unforgivable as that is something you’d never forget.I’m kinda of puzzled as to why you say he was your dog yet it sounds as though you had no say in his burial or did he belong to the whole family?I’m assuming you are of adult age so they have no right whatsoever telling you not to mention him as that to me sounds as though they are grieving and hurting but they do not want to express their own feelings.What a horrible situation to be in and I can only sympathise with you and getting back to your dog,15 is a great age and you did the right thing by ending his suffering as I myself three months on since my Coco’s passing keep on asking could I have done more to save him as he was just short of 10yrs old and I still find it hard to accept I will never see him again.I sense my grieving will only end when my days on this earth have expired.I’m sending you prayers that you and your family can find a peaceful way to reconcile but under no circumstances should you hide your grief.That is your choice to express not theirs. Frankie
  5. Thank you Kayc.Yes he was only about 2yrs old on that picture.If only to turn back the clock😔Here’s a pic of him as a puppy.Wishing you all prayers and peace Frankie
  6. Thanks Michele.Yes I woke up at 5 this morning as I was always up early on his birthday as I loved giving him his presents and just generally spoiling him.Made myself a cup of tea then sat down with his urn telling him how much I miss and love him so you can imagine there’s been plenty of tears today😢oh what I would give to hold and cuddle him now.Still finding it hard to accept he’s gone forever as the title of this thread sums up my emotions right now even after nearly three months of his passing and I can say for me it’s not getting any easier but life goes on not just for me but for all of us suffering a loss of a dear and beloved pet.Hope you are keeping well and safe in these strange times.Sending hugs Frankie
  7. Well it would have been your 10th birthday today🎉You’d be playing with your new toys then we’d be going for a long Sunday morning walk then I’d give you a few treats when we got back.I miss you every second of every minute of everyday and my life is so poorer for you no longer by my side😢Love you forever and forever ❤️❤️❤️🌈
  8. Laura I and we all feel your pain and grief.I know it’s no consolation right now but 16 is a great age and you must remember and cherish all the wonderful years you had together and she’s beautiful by the way.It would have been my boys 10th birthday this Sunday so that day is going to be hard for me as I know I’m sounding like a parrot but ten weeks on since my Coco left this earth and I’m a broken man which resulted in a short stay in hospital.I wake up every morning praying and hoping the days will get better but they are not as I think of him when I close my eyes then when I wake everyday and the tears have not stopped yet.It’s going to be a long process but by coming on here you will receive great advice from people on here who have and are going through what you are.Sending you hugs Frankie
  9. Michele as ever beautifully put and i and am sure with everyone else on here offer you our support and good wishes as we are all at least grieving together and not alone even if it is via social media.To say i want this year to end right now would be a gross understatement and no doubt the worst one in my life even through the many traumatic episodes I’ve had as nothing comes close to this.I think your right about distraction being the key but it’s not as though I’ve nothing to do as I like running/walking and love reading about Roman history.It’s just that I’ve lost all purpose of enjoying life since my Coco passed and I must admit like yourself I was tempted to ask for anti depressants but I drive for a living so decided not to.Lockdown has virtually ended here but still many people die everyday and face masks to be compulsory when out shopping.Great when I’ve been having breathing difficulties.As I’ve previously said when our job market picks up I’m going to get a part time job and think about some volunteer work with animals as I certainly will not be working five days into my old age.As for another dog it’s a no but I never say never.Just too raw at the moment.Thanks for all your advice. Frankie
  10. Thank you MartyT and Kayc for your kind words and compassion and Kayc I’m glad Kodie is ok after the close shave with a horses hoof which does not bear thinking about if his head had of been there.For all that I love my parents and siblings the one thing I didn’t want to hear from them is I must get over him.God darn haven’t they noticed how hard I’m trying to?I know they all mean well but none of them have owned a dog so they haven’t a clue of the overwhelming grief that comes with a loss.Regarding exercise I do go out for the odd couple miles run but until I get the all clear even this now is on hold and yes MartyT I will look for a pet loss support group as am sure it won’t do me no harm.Lavender Kayc is a great idea especially for putting on my pillows so will give that a try.Thank you for your support🙏🏻 Frankie
  11. Well the last 10 weeks of putting my body through nonstop emotional stress and sadness has finally took its toll on my body and mind.I’ve spent the last three days in the hospital as I began experiencing chest pains and shortness of breath while doing my job which is delivery driving.Glad to say they have not found anything but further investigating is needed but I told the doctors that the death of my dog has broken me and they said that stress is a very big factor when suffering any bereavement whether animal of human and I’m now thinking maybe a heart attack wouldn’t have been a bad thing as it’s 10 weeks and life is still a daily struggle for me.I just cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel for all I’m trying to accept his loss. Frankie
  12. Dogmom I know where your coming from regarding hard days so you have my sympathies as I have more bad than good ones but your probably right I need find things do to distract my mind when I’ve finished work and especially weekends when we used to walk for miles as they are the worst times for me since he passed.Am absolutely dreading the onset of winter and them depressing dark mornings and early evenings but I’m praying that I’m a little better by then.We used to go on a weeks holiday in August but no way can I do that again for a very long time.Opening that door to find no jumping up and down and a wagging tail like a helicopter for me is one of the worst feeling’s I’ve ever experienced and it’s something I’ve still not got used to not to mention hearing his paws on the wooden floor.Just last night I buried my head in his big bag of toys crying my eyes out as his smell is still on them.I could probably accept his passing a bit easier if he hadn’t suffered in his last months but he had a horrible ending and he didn’t deserve that as he was the most loving friendliest of dogs but I would say that wouldn’t i but maybe keeping this anger in is not helping my recovery.You all know where I’m coming from and your advice and kind words are much appreciated. Coco Forever (Frankie)
  13. Thank you Dogmom and condolences on the loss of your father and Roxie.This darned covid has made this year for me personally a year that I never want to look back on again and yes I totally agree about having more feelings/emotions for my dog than for deceased members of my own family as no loss friends included has come anywhere close to the grief of losing my boy.I have purchased a few books on pet grief and one especially called Only Gone From Your Sight I am currently reading although I have bought all four of Kate McGahan’s books.I honestly don’t think I’ll be ever ready for another dog as these last ten weeks have been the worst of my life so for the time being I’m down to feeding the numerous birds that come in my garden waiting for their breakfast.Just like my boy did. Coco Forever xx
  14. Thank you all for your compassion and kind words as they are very much appreciated and Kayc your attached article I will read tonight when I’m in bed so thank you.Yes I rang the Samaritans about a month ago and must say was very impressed in how they listened to me and their response and they even said to ring them again when I’m feeling low.As for friends I’m a loner as most of them I’ve lost touch with and they have families and their own problems likewise my siblings so I’m going have try deal with this on my own.It’s a battle I’m either going to win or lose.No inbetween Sending you all hugs xx
  15. Thanks Dogmom for your kind and compassionate words.Just this morning I woke up for work not wanting to live anymore and I’m praying that this feeling goes away as it’s like a dark shadow constantly hanging over me with a never ending battle with my demons that keep telling me there’s an easy way out of this misery as my grief is getting no less bearable.Oh to turn back the clock and hold him again🌈😘 Coco Forever
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