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  1. Kayc thank you once again for your wise words.Yes I have thought about an animal shelter but back here in the UK they are all closed to the public due to this darned virus and to be honest the loss of my boy is still very raw as you can prob tell from my posts which will be even harder for me next month as it would have been his 10th birthday.2020 def a year I want erasing from my mind forever. love Runningman
  2. Is it just me or do other grieving pet owners dread nights as well as coming home expecting a wagging dog at the door only to find a soulless empty silent house?I honestly do not know how long I can go on for constantly crying everyday and dreading to even enter my own house.As the title says the nights are brutal as I’m sleeping little which is not good for me having a driving job where I think of nothing else when on the open road.The most important thing in my life has been taken and I cannot see how I can go on without him for the remaining years of my life and regarding seeing a therapist I’m not sure what good that would do as they would probably only say what others have told me and that it will get easier in time.The demons in my head keep telling me there is an easy way out but at the moment I’m fighting them off and I’m praying I don’t give in to them but I can sense my mind and body are becoming weaker by the day. love to all xx
  3. Thank you Dogmom + Kayc for your wise words of comfort as they are invaluable in this time of my never ending daily grief.Love to you both + stay safe.
  4. So sorry for your loss and everything you describe especially about guilt as I’m going through and probably will for a long time yet those exact same feelings.Even the times my boy misbehaved as a young and hypo dog I shouted at him and this now deeply shames me and I talk and put my hand on his urn to say I’m sorry and I hope he forgives me.If only we could turn back time.Sending love.
  5. Love reading your wisdom and advice Kayc and like you I live alone hence why when darkness comes my house is now soulless.So much so I’ve now got to go sleep with my radio on as my bedroom without the presence of my boy is unbearable.
  6. Yes plenty of people have told me get another dog but at this moment in time that is a big no no and I wouldn’t even consider one working full time now but hoping to get a part time job next year (55yrs old) when this virus has let us get back to normal as I’ve stated previously my dogs passing has give me a realisation that even our lives are short on this earth and I certainly don’t intend working full time until I drop and is it normal to think that I’d be betraying my boy even thinking of another dog as I don’t think I could love another one in the same way.
  7. Hi Paula and sorry for your loss.I know exactly where your coming from as it’s been a month now since I lost my Coco and I still burst into tears when I’m walking on my own everywhere we used to go together.I’ve even started to talk to him on my walks just to comfort myself so your not alone and I’d like to say it’s getting easier the more I go out but it’s not as the pain of his loss is still hard for me to accept I’ll never feel and hold his body ever again,feel him on my bed,getting on and off my bed to get himself comfortable and sliding up to my face to make me get up for his breakfast.Oh how I’ve gone from enjoying life to feeling nothing but emptiness.Sending love.
  8. Yes I’m going to order a memorial stone in a couple of days and have been thinking of a water fountain but for pet sympathy items the Etsy app is brilliant as I must have spent quite a bit of money on there in the last month but the sellers are based both in the USA and over here in the UK.
  9. It seems as though the last month since he passed on has emotionally played havoc with my body and mind as I’m now starting to blame his death on myself and my partner as we used to let him lick our dinner plates and hands after we had eaten and looking back there would have been salt on these and he mainly died of heart disease so are we to blame for his death?I accept we’ll never know but maybe just maybe he’d still be with us if we had not done these unhealthy habits to him.
  10. My heart truly bleeds for your terrible experience but at least that is the only comfort I have is that my boy went peacefully with me holding him until his last breath.
  11. No but that’s what I now have on my mind as I left him when he’d passed.I don’t no the process regarding when a pet dies at the vets but it fills me with horror every night I go bed how was his body treated when I’d left him.I can only pray the people who collect our dead pets ready for cremation treat them with respect.
  12. Paula you have just described the exactly same feelings as I had on the day my boy left this world.Did someone just come in the vets and throw his body in the back of a van?Why didn’t I stay to make sure he was handled with respect?Could I have requested watching the cremation just to be sure it’s him?Is it just him in the urn?So many questions and guilty feelings I have but I have now accepted I cannot go back in time and what’s done is done.I can only pray he was handled with respect but i do agree with everything Kayc has said regarding our dogs spirts and that makes it for me personally a little easier to put all my guilty feelings away in a little part of my brain but having said that they will always be there until I take my last breath on this earth.Sending you love.
  13. Beautifully put as always.Thank you and I’ll keep you updated on my progress.Sending virtual hugs.
  14. Thanks for all your advice and articles as they have been helpful in my grieving process.I have cried everyday for nearly a month and it doesn’t help when I’m out walking on my own when other dog walkers stop to ask me where is Coco😢I know they only mean well but I can barely make the first sentence before I start blubbering but most of them have gone through dog loss and even their caring words have meant so much.I’m not a believer in the afterlife but my would I love for that to be true so I can be with my boy when I go..Thanks again🙏🏻
  15. Thanks.Your advice and articles have been invaluable.I’m taking each day has it comes but still the tears flow when I think of him.😢
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