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  1. I know.. No matter what happens, there should have been some sort of measures to follow. No wonder UK has the highest death rate in Europe right now. i mean how can they throw away people’s phones, wallets and their personal items. I would have liked to have his watch back.. Omg! I’m so sorry hear that. Must have been such a horrible experience for you and for your FIL. It is crazy how we leave our loved ones in hospital care believing that they will be taken care of and if we can’t even trust hospitals to do what they are supposed to, what are we even left with?.. I’m constantly worried
  2. thank you... I will read them, means a lot..
  3. Thank you so much... Honestly I even thought suing. After we got the call of him passing away, the nurse said to me I should come again to collect his belongings. And I was like I’m supposed to be self-isolating how do you expect me do same thing all over again? And the Nurse said “oh okay then I wrote this down, you can come anytime”. I felt awful so I still decided to go. The very next day of this phone call, I was going to go and gave the hospital a call just in case to say I was coming and why. They said they can’t find his belongings and I should come the next day. This went on for 10 day
  4. Hello! new member here. I realised I need some sort of a grief group where I can just talk because I’ve been struggling a lot lately and I don’t what else to do. So I would like to share how I lost my grandad. On 28th of March, I called 999 because my grandpa who lived alone in London was experiencing covid symptoms; shortness of breath, severe coughing and even fainted. For his age, he had no underlying health conditions and was healthy. Two hours later the ambulance still hadn't arrived so I called back and they said they were stretched but were coming... It was the next day that they
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