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  1. We went to the hospital the morning of March 17th for my wife’s scheduled C-section of our second child. Being both excited and nervous, we immediately entered into a nightmare situation shortly after he was born at 10:33 am. He had a large tumor on his left hip that they had to transport to a different hospital for. Two days later he had the surgery and stayed in hospital for 18 days. We were discharged from hospital after we were told there was no cure for the aggressive cancer he had and a cat scan revealed it was speeding throughout his body. After being able to spend a month with us at home he passed away on May 6th. We are unable to even have a proper service for our boy since we live in a state that is still under stay at home orders. Our other son who is two has been a godsend in helping us deal with the Grief as he hasn’t truly grasped what is happening. People have reached out and offers support and asked what we need but we really don’t have things to say. They say time heals all wounds and everything happened for a reason but I think we will be forever broken along with not sure what only being able to have your son around for 51 days proves.
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