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  1. And remember that guilt is always forcing us to think the worst stuff... You did what was right even if it feels so hard to believe at this moment. I wish you can feel more at peace soon.
  2. Hi ❤️ I think I get what you feel because sometimes just remembering the last moment of my dog (I had to put her to sleep) makes me break and cry so much. I don't know if this will help you but what I usually do is look at pictures and videos of her... It's heartbreaking because it hurts so much but in a way I feel relief after seeing her and focusing on the good things, like things she was doing in the pictures or just the way she stared with her beautiful eyes. I'm sending you love ❤️
  3. Hi everybody, hope you're all doing okay. I put my 14 year old dog to sleep five months ago and I've started to hurt the most lately... It's been gradual sometimes, I got a tattoo of her name during summer because I couldn't stand not having her near me, it sounds strange but having her name on my skin feels like I have her with me in some way. But I still miss her the most... I feel so alone and I think about how great she was all the time, all our moments together. And lately I've been feeling so low, so sad with myself, like nothing is enough. I've also been having dreams/nightmares ab
  4. Hi, I'm so sorry to read your words because I understand the feelings you describe so much, I've come to this forum for help various times since I lost my dog five months ago... And I have been hurting the most lately. But please don't listen to those terrible voices that tell you the easy way to end the pain, I know it's not easy at all to do it, but there has to be a way to get help or relief even if it seems impossible now. Maybe it's talking to a friend, a therapist or people on this forum. Remember that you're not alone in this because you can always express yourself in here ❤️ Also
  5. Hi everyone, I wanted to share something today. Lately I've been avoiding going out because when I go for a walk I use to pass by the same places I went with my dog (passed away three weeks ago) so today I went out and I did it again, I went to the same places and it hit me again just how much I miss her... I've also been avoiding friends because I'd rather be on my own when I go out but I'm afraid I'm just so sad and trying to avoid my emotions to feel less hurt. I feel this empty loneliness and no purpose most of the time too... I try to tell myself that I can get through this if I do it for
  6. Thank you, I'll check it out! Sending you a hug
  7. I know it's so hard but it's important to avoid those feelings... You would have done anything for him and I guess you knew he enjoyed doing that, having those habits, so it wasn't something bad when you did it. I mean focusing on the good things and good moments with him are the best you can do, I'm sending you love
  8. I understand you, that's what I tried to describe, thinking about how I left her there and feeling guilty that I didn't have the option to bury her and that getting her ashes was too expensive for me, it breaks me not having a place to go and talk to her, feel that she is there. I've been thinking of creating some special place for her where I can go and honor her or keep her memory... I don't know I miss her so so much and I keep having dreams that she's alive and that I want to keep her no matter what, and they feel so real. I wish we can get to feel this peace with their absence, feeli
  9. Thank you for sharing this with me, I'm so glad that you got to make such a special bond with Kodie even after your loss (by the way they're both so beautiful!) and I totally understand what you mean with Arlie... He seems like the one who completes you, who knows you so good and looks for you all the time. I think my passed dog meant that to me too, she will have the most special place in me always. It's so hard to describe how important they can become to us, but I wish I can give my future new companion all the love and create a new bond whenever I feel ready
  10. Thank you for the articles, they help me feel more understood
  11. Also, that dream you described seems like the sweetest and warmest thing, I'm happy you got to experience it. Maybe it means she really did come to see you 💛
  12. Hi, I'm so sorry for your loss and the circumstances in which you had to lose your dog... I'm a college student too, I lost my dog just this week and I felt like I understood you while reading this. I wanted to tell you that maybe you could keep your dog's things, nobody should throw them away if they mean so much to you, as they help you remember your dog. And also know that even if you feel your family won't understand why you still can't get through your grief, it's okay, they say grief doesn't have a time, and there's not a good or wrong way of grieving... Just try to take as much time as
  13. Hi everyone ❤️ I came new in here a few days ago since I lost my dog this week (I had to put her down) and I need some advice. I loved my dog so much, we had an amazing bond and she was literally a light in my life, I'll keep her forever in my heart and I wish I could still protect her. I was the one in the family who took care of her lately so now at home they all seem to feel better than me, and they want to get a new dog. They know how I feel but they're getting it next week, and I'm okay with it because I will give him plenty of love and a new home, but still I think I'm not ready for it a
  14. I'm sorry about that, having the chance to say goodbye is really important... I wish you got to feel better over the years and keep him in your heart always. Thank you for the kind words and the reminder, they mean so much right now. I'm grateful that I found this forum, it's such a nice place for comfort.
  15. First of all, thank you for the quick reply, it helped me to think in a different way. That's such a sweet story, I should focus on feeling that the emotional and spiritual parts as you say are forever in me... I wish her little spirit is at peace now.
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