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  1. Kayc, what you wrote is more helpful than you might know. Jasmine was my soulmate too. I didn't mention that everything reminds me of Jasmine. She was with me every day and my little shadow. Through the years we just kind of knew our routines -- how she gently woke me up by putting her paw on me with light pressure. From the way I opened doors to folding laundry to watching TV -- we had a routine so all of these movements/routines trigger me. It's interesting that you mentioned that because right now the most difficult part of losing Jasmine for me. You have gone through a lot of heart break. I am so sorry. Your Arlie filled a void for you -- our furbabies are sometimes our little therapists, aren't they? Their unconditional love heals our hearts. I understand why people keep telling me that I need another dog because I keep telling them how much I enjoyed being with Jasmine but ... I don't think they understand just how much that was due to a special connection with her. That doesn't just happen. She had the perfect personality to go with mine. Did you get another pet? How are you doing 9 months later? It does help to talk and I thank you so much for the interaction. I know I needed this. I'll go search for your story now.
  2. I am so sorry for your loss. You and Cody had 14 years together and his passing is going to leave a hole in your heart. It is such a blessing that he got to live such a long life. The difficult part is because you've been together for 14 years it's going to hurt deeply. You just know each other so well and understand each other needs intuitively. I lost my dog two days ago and she was almost 14. I am hurting just like you are. How are you doing now? Please tell me that it gets better. Sending you cyber hugs.
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