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    It was my cat
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    22 february 2020
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  1. Lara

    New cat

    I really appreciate a lot all of this advices. I will consider without a doubt making an album since I have over 1000 pictures of him. I am keeping everything and I don't want the new cat to use them. They will be for always his things. So I thank you one more time for all of your kind words and support that help me a lot!
  2. Lara

    New cat

    Thank you very much for all the reassuring messages.
  3. Lara

    New cat

    Hello, I lost my cat 3 months ago. He was my everything. I was very attached to him. I spent half my life with him. Yesterday, my mother announced me that she was taking a new cat. I don't know how to deal with that. I feel like it's replacing him. And it happened not a long time ago. I wanted her to wait. I don't want the new cat to take away the memories I have with MY cat. I know I will never love an animal as I loved him. But it is very difficult for me at the moment. Thank you.
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