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  1. @TameraSanders Wonderful. I have heard birds are often the way that our loved ones communicate with us, hold on to that. I saw the picture of you smiling, it is a great start, you can do it. Smiling doesn't mean you've healed but It shows you're strong. You are doing great. Those kittens will bring so much joy. I have a dog and it helps me a lot.
  2. @TameraSanders I have the same questions, we are always searching happiness and all of a sudden, not expecting, we find it in somebody that becomes our best friends, our partner that we thought we would have the rest of our lives, and in a couple minutes, everything changes, I will never understand why but we need to accept what we can understand and hold on to what we still have, people who care.
  3. @Miss_my black Italian chef I am sorry about your loss. I understand what your saying, we often get doubts about what we did wrong but remember those beautiful moments and don't think about what you should've done, death is sudden and I am sure you will find some kind of explanation with the autopsy. My friends often say comments about dating and going out, I get it, they want me to get better but I just don't see myself with nobody else, he was the love of my life. Take your time and don't feel the pressure to get better soon, everything will take time and effort. The memories will be very painful but remember that time helps a lot.
  4. I also scape from life sleeping, I know it is not healthy but I just can't get him out of my head and those last moments together. I know that the best people leave, I still can't understand that, he had so much hopes and dreams and I am sure your partner did too. I often have panic attacks and I was getting better with it but today I had one that felt awful, I was with my parents and I just found myself so scared and couldn't breathe, cried so much. I just thought about him and his eyes looking at him when he left, this is getting harder than I thought. My boyfriend was my true love and I ask God: What Am I going to do the rest of my life? I don't want to live, I am only 20 years old and I am supposed to live the rest of my life like this? I won't be able to.
  5. It is so true, I feel lost, now what? he was my biggest motivation, I loved, learned, laughed so much and I just want that happiness back. I don't know what's next, I am scared.
  6. Life is a mystery, even with God, I have so many questions and anger, I have been avoiding memories, they are so painful. I am so scared to not be with him, he was my whole life. How can life be destroyed in a matter of minutes?
  7. I agree, grief fog can last a lot, I am still in shock, I can't accept I won't ever see him again. @TameraSanders I also think we were robbed from our dreams, I had so much things to accomplish with him, I can't see myself doing it without him and I can't wrap myself around the idea of being myself again, I know I will never be as happy as I was with him, I will never achieve my dreams. But I am trying really hard to keep up with this troubled life, I just hope I get the help I need because I can't do it alone. I know all of you can do it, you are not alone, this group has been wonderful. I also really recommend therapy, I made me see a lot.
  8. @kayc I remember my parents being so scared hearing me scream, begging for him to come back, now I just hide my feelings, it is much easier, I don't want to hear the same old things. I know they have great intentions but they can't understand, it is awful. Crying has been so reliving too, I feel so much better after doing it. @TameraSanders I am so glad you did that, a great gesture to leave those flowers there and remember him with love. Wonderful picture, It is a good place to visit. I am sure he's happy you did it.
  9. @kayc I don't like the word acceptance neither but I sometimes say things to try to believe it. I know I have not accepted him being gone because I am getting stuck in the process, I am so scared of being without him, I grew so much with him and I changed so much since he's gone, I know this is not who I used to be.
  10. @kayc I won't lie, I am still filled with anger but I am trying to understand that maybe his mission was completed, and that even though he was the love of my life, God only gave us the 2 years we knew each other. My boyfriend was very religious and I believe in God but I never went to church or anything, I just believed in Him. It is very difficult understanding a lot of things because I don't know a lot about the Bible, I just know that God won't ever do anything to hurt us, many may disagree but I just can't believe it. I believe He wants to make us stronger, He knows we can do this. @TameraSanders I wonder that too, why when we were the happiest, everything had to end, we where so young and full of aspirations. I am glad that he was doing something he loved in his last moments, I know it may not seem relevant but my boyfriend's death was very quick (sudden death) and doctors told me that it is the less painful way to go and I believe it is important that he was hiking (something he loved) because it would've been to traumatic for you to be with him. I appreciate a lot that you share your feelings and emotions here. Days get very difficult, I find darkness more difficult, the memories become stronger and there is so much more pain. Everyone is different. I understand that you don't want to talk to anyone, even if it is your son, do it, express your feelings and cry, it helps a lot. I struggle a lot with triggers too, everything is a trigger, school was the most difficult, I spend most of my time with him there, I still can't walk through the room where he passed away, I can't drive by certain places we used to go, I know we never lived together and many people will think our love was weaker but even at 20 and 22, our love was so strong and sincere. I was with the love of my life and that will never change. I know you miss him a lot and days become so shallow and meaningless, don't pressure yourself to get better, time will heal if you do the right things but right now, do what ever you want. You don't anything to anyone, you are in grief and anyone going through that understands how hard it is to even get out of bed and fake a smile. God gives the hardest battles to the strongest people, you can get through it.
  11. I agree, waking up is awful, you are forced to live, I wake up searching for his text. I am so scared to, scared to live without him, people tell me I am so young and this is only an experience but he was my entire life, he was not a lesson nor a simple moment, he was the love of my life and I need him. I understand what you say, It is very difficult with the virus because we are more alone than we were before (if possible) but I think this time can be helpful to work on ourselves and look for motivation. You can do it ❤️
  12. @TameraSanders I understand you think you could've done things differently but it is simply God's plan, it was his decision and we just have to accept it. It will take time, I am still in shock but I am working on it. I wonder a lot too, what would've happened if we finished med school, got married and had children, our dream. But It never happened, and I am stuck with impossible dreams and people that will never make me happy like he did. You need to have people by your side, I am horrible with sharing my emotions with people close to me but If you have the opportunity, talk about it, express your pain so they can be there for you. @kayc I know I will accept him being gone when I can start looking at memories with happiness and less pain, it is still so painful to even think about him.
  13. @Gwenivere I feel the same way, I sometimes think life is better this way (isolation) because I don't have to fake a smile or socialize but I also have nothing to do and It gives me a lot of time to drown in my thoughts. @scba I would like to see that movie "Jackie". Since I am studying to be a doctor, I am always stuck with things from that moment that don't make sense to me: doctors told me because of his disease we would have been out of breath all the time, he would have had high blood pressure, headaches, dizziness. The problem is nothing of that ever happened in the 2 years I knew him. I am so confused, I guess life is so weird and I just hope someday I will understand all of this. @TameraSanders I am still in denial also. We were not moving together yet but I just wake up and look through my phone looking for his messages or calls. I get it, It is surreal, it is so painful, full of doubts about life and all I can tell you is you don't need to be okay right now, grief is about taking your time and doing it step by step. I know maybe you don't want to talk about a lot of what happened to you but therapy is something that I did since it happened, even before and I can tell you it has helped me a lot. There is a great movie called "the cabin". There is a great book called "The road of tears" by Jorge Bucay, it really helped me. @kayc It is true, I think all the time about it, I never did good things to have a wonderful life or be rewarded, but I just think to myself: I always help others, I consider myself a great daughter, friend, sister, girlfriend and when this happened to me I discovered life does not care how good we are, death can happen to anyone. The best always leave. @Kieron My boyfriend was wonderful, he was super close to his parents, family and he was a great friend and partner. He was so committed to become a doctor too and I just always admired his perfect soul. He always made me laugh and for me every minute by his side was pure heaven. I don't understand why that happiness had to leave.
  14. I also struggle a lot with the questions that will remain unanswered. Being today the 10th month without him feels horrible, I feel numb, weak and frustrated, seems impossible to feel like this at the same time but it does and I am just so confused.
  15. @TameraSanders I don't think many people get the chance to meet the love of their life but you did and even though he's gone, that is something you can be grateful for. Of course I am mad, I am super angry at everything but I am not angry with him for leaving, nor am I angry with God, even if I have questions. Anger, desolation, hopelessness, anxiety, all of that is completely normal, tomorrow is my boyfriend's 10th month gone and I am still in disbelief, I was so happy, why did it have to end, but I am learning to stay here because of my parents and his parents, they love me and want to see me get better. You can do it ❤️
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