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  1. Thank you both so much! Although I intellectually knew this, these very reassuring responses. It amazes me how grief is such a common human experience, and yet it feels so isolating. I found that page on journaling and all the related links there very helpful !
  2. I am not finding resources that fit my experience. I’m not hit by overwhelming waves of sadness. My dad lived far away so I don’t daily have reminders in my routine that he isn’t there. He had been declining for years and so I am not feeling shock. However, I *am* irritated at people, I don’t want to put in the effort to prepare myself food, and I will cry at seemingly random times. Books and articles don’t seem to describe me— except that everyone grieves differently and there is no one right way too grieve. Even with that, I would like to find someone who has felt like I do. Whatever that i
  3. When my father died April of this year, my 23 year old son (J) lost his grandfather. I am struggling with figuring out what my own emotions are; J is struggling with emotions he recognizes but are overwhelming. He is able to cry, but says it is very hard to talk about it. I want to be able to help him, but I don’t know how when I can’t help myself. My 18 year old daughter tells me that she and J are “big kids” and I can’t fix them and I know she is right. But... I don’t know what... I want to help him and it feels like being with him while he cries is nothing, although I know it’s not.
  4. I’m looking for and not finding information on how (if?) anticipatory grief affects the grief process after the loss happens. I feel like it has with me, and I deal with the unknown by researching it. After watching my dad decline physically and emotionally for years, I feel like I have to consciously give myself permission to grieve his death because his life had become so hard.
  5. Brief summary of my situation: I’m 52, my dad was 75 when he died on April 11 of this year. My mom is still with us, he and I had a good relationship, he had been in a decline for years. He had been at the point where he probably should have been in a facility that could give him 24-hour care, but my mother wouldn’t hear of it so we 4 kids tried to support her in caregiving as much as we could. Weeks would go by where he got little to no sleep, he’d hallucinate all night and do things like wake my mom and tell her they needed to leave because the house was on fire. He had bladder cancer a coup
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