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  1. I have read many of these stories and they are very eye-opening. My girlfriend and I dated for about a year and a half. Everything was great and then in early March her father died and COVID hit. Since then, we have drifted apart but still maintained a pretty good relationship. Unfortunately, she just broke up with me last week and said it had to do with her needing to focus on her grief and the fact we had drifted apart during COVID. She hasn't yet had a funeral for her father (it's supposed to be in July). My heart is breaking for her but she completely shut me out. She won't return texts or emails and just said she needs space and no longer wants "a romantic relationship" with me. She did email me that she hopes we can remain friends and that I am important to her. She also emailed that she is sorry to hurt me but she needs to be "selfish" at this time. I feel so helpless because there's nothing to do and she cut all communication. I love her but I guess I have to try aned deal with the helplessness and hopelessness on my end.
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