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  1. Kevin, I am so very sorry for the loss of your son. I lost a brother (age7) from a car accident. The whole family was stunned and in shock for a long time. I was 11 at the time and I recall going through the motions of living....it too a long long time for the searing pain to abate somewhat and to be a bit more bearable. In my family we never spoke openly about how we felt- my mom was rather stoic, kept it bottled inside. My Dad buried himself in work. I wish we could have talked, could have shared. It would’ve eased the sense of isolation and lifted the heaviness somewhat. Instead I end
  2. Sandi, I am so very sorry for your loss and the very very tragic circumstances around your Mom’s passing. While I lost my mom in March and am dealing with my grief over it know that.... When I was 10 I lost my younger brother (he was 7) who was hit by a car in front of our home. He died that day in ICU. They had to let him go b/c there was too much brain damage....I was devastated. (And I’m crying as I write this...you never forget...)... I think the whole family went numb. I remember it as going through the motions of living for such a long long time....the ache was beyond words awful. There
  3. Hi Sparks, me again. A few more thoughts about antidepressants. They have their role, for sure, but my experience in trying to get off them over the years was really bumpy. I tried three times, slowly tapering, and couldn’t. Finally I got to a point where I was at the lowest dose that seemed to work the best without blunting my emotions. Because of my complicated hormonal profile it took a while (several years) to get my hormone levels (thyroid included) all where they should be. But I still wondered about tapering the antidepressant to zero. The MD who checks and balances my hormones said
  4. Hi Sparks, I’m in my early 60’s, my mum passed away 5 months ago and my dad 7 years ago. I had a really hard time after dad died. I felt raw for a long time, and in my case, also felt very alone with my grief in the family because dad had been the person I was closest to, the one person in my family I could easily be with. It took a long time before the grief started to recede and feel less painful. We lost my mother in law three years after dad died and that was tough as I felt close to her. None of this is easy. It sounds like you are trying to do your best, and I would say from my exp
  5. Dear Rachel, First let me say that I am very sorry for the loss of your mother, and the losses associated with that. You do have a lot on your plate - the heaviness of it all comes through in your post. I went through a really hard time 3 months after my mom died this past March (she had mixed dementia which included vascular) and I found it so very hard to get through each day. I am really touched by the fact you were your mom’s full time caregiver. That’s huge! So much of you went into that, it’s really significant. I know I grieved losing bits of mom along the way as she deterio
  6. Jackie, hang in there...take it a day, an hour at a time...even if you think you can’t...just a minute at a time... I am sorry for your loss. I was gutted when my Dad died...he was my best friend in the family...still miss him, seven years later... I enrolled in a closed bereavement support group 6 months after he died and that really helped...My emotions were less all over the place after that... I come from a family that has been marked by loss and complicated grief....took me a long time to realize that... I may not be finished dealing with all the layers, but for now I just take
  7. Thanks Kay. Mum loved flowers and gardens so this book’s illustrations make me think of her, in a good way. I’m sorry to hear that numbness in your hand gets in the way of coloring-and, likely other things as well...not an easy adjustment for you, I presume.
  8. Thank you, Kay. I ordered one of the books listed in the book section of this website- The Color of Loss and Healing - and started coloring today. It is helping. I like that I can do a bit whenever I want, however I want. Today is the 4 month anniversary of mum’s passing...I went for an early morning walk (couldn’t sleep) and spent some time quietly by water, thinking of her. Sometimes I get a wave of « this all feels unreal »...and then it passes. I miss her.
  9. This topic is so pertinent for me. Mum passed away almost four months ago....Right when the lockdown began...so a lot of time was spent afterwards dealing with all the closures and changes to everyday life...ugh...grocery shopping took on a whole new perspective...and Mum’s death meant we could finally settle Dad’s estate and that became very very difficult due to sibling conflict. Looking back I see some of those things were distractions from mourning...but in the last few weeks I’ve been feeling so raw... I have reached out, I have a therapist and access to occasional virtual bereavement sup
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