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  1. I saw him become ill just a month ago. His name is Chief. He has been with me for 10 years. My best friend who greeted me at the door each day. He had the heart of a lion, in such a lil guy. He would sit at my side, on my lap. He understood me. Unconditionally he gave me his love. I told all the vet specialist money was not a factor. I was selfish. I wanted him forever. I had a illness four years ago and almost lost my life. Each day as I recovered, Chief was right beside me. I never thought the day would come. A day he would no longer be with me. That day has come. The vet stated the cancer had come back, has affected all his body. I took him in my arms, layed with him on his bed, and told him it was ok, to relax, I will always be there with him. His breaths deepened and became more spaced, gradually he let go, I felt him completely relax in my arms. He went in peace, surrounded with my love. My world has no music in it any longer. My life is full of loneliness without Chief. I will miss him greatly.
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