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  1. This is so true.I just lost my 17 year old pug Jaylo .I lost a dog a few years ago I was completely distraught hopelessly crying on the floor when my pug Jaylo came up and licked my tears on my face as they came down.They know when we are hurting and take care of us.Only those who have loved a dog knows this feeling.thank you Jaylo and all the other dogs who love us unconditionally.
  2. So sorry for your loss of Lizzie.I can tell she had a great long life with so much love .21 years is amazing time you spent together and treasure that and don’t think your weren’t there for her when she passed no one can know when it is time and you can’t be around all the time.She knows you were with her her whole life and loved her so much that is what matters.She will be at the rainbow bridge waiting for you wagging her tail when you meet again.
  3. I feel for anyone going thru this and thank you for your help and sharing your pain.thanks gms Gracie and kayc for the article I read it and it brings some comfort.Its hard to get to the point to forgive ourselves but at least there is no more suffering for our loved ones.You never really know how much pain they are in and if they really want to be here anymore but in my case she wasn’t happy and her life as a dog was gone.Yes she was walking ok sometimes eating drinking but it seemed just to survive.her tail wasn’t wagging she wasn’t doing much to live like she should.I wanted her here to hol
  4. It just is so hard to think life goes on without your loved one.I had jaylo for over 17 years now she gone and won’t be back.So cruel it seems.More so I have guilt I choose to end her time here even though I know she wasn’t happy but still feel guilt.Could she have stayed a bit longer even with her ailments was it right decision by me.She was still eating though hand fed and drinking.she was walking okay but did fall and couldn’t get up many times.Her arthritis in her back legs was bad and she began lying in her poop and pee.Her heart pressing against her trachea making it difficult to breathe
  5. Jayjay

    My heart

    It so sad to see how much you are hurting from the loss of your best friend.There are no words to soothe you only that know you shared a bond that can never be taken away even though you are not together physically.She will always be with you in your heart and grateful you found each other to love.I just put my 17 yr old pug to sleep who had many health issues and I still wonder if I did the right thing feel guilt and miss her every day.But it wasn’t fair to keep her here and suffer because she didn’t deserve to suffer and struggle to survive,she wasn’t happy and wasn’t gonna get better so eve
  6. I am so sorry for your tragic loss.It is so hard to lose a pet but suddenly like this can be even more painful.i just lost my pug of 17 years put to sleep and just yesterday almost lost my 4 yr old ridgeback mix as my wife opened the door and even though I told her to watch and be careful our dog ran out in the street and a car just missed her and she continued running in front of the car a few seconds then somehow wasn’t hit but I too would probably blame my wife if something tragic would have happened I’m sure your husband feels terrible with guilt and sometimes accidents can’t be avoided
  7. So sorry for your loss of your loved companion.Be assured she had a great long loving life she shared with you and passed away peacefully T home with her family.That is the best way to lose a loved one when the time comes they have to leave I just had to put my 17yr old pug to sleep who had many health issues and I would have rathered she would have passed away at home like your loved one so it’s like a blessing she was home with all her family.I know it’s so hard but you gave her a great life and should be so grateful he was loved so long .try to think of all the happy times you had together
  8. One thing when you lose a loved pet you had cared for so muchLife might be easier now no cleaning up her soiled bed wiping poop off her backside moping the pee on the floor given her medicine holding her back legs up a bit so she could drink water hand feed her and have her nip me by accident helping her get out of corners picking her up when she couldn’t get up getting up in middle of night to help her out of bed of just to comfort her.Maybe life is easier but it’s Not better.I. Miss caring for her and she’s gone now and I put her to sleep to stop anymore possible pain she would have to endur
  9. I’m so sorry you lost up your beloved Coco.It is so hard lose a loving companion who shared life with you.I just lost my 17 yr old pug I put to sleep who had many health issues and sorry for your loss of Archie also it’s so hard.I can tell Coco was loved so much as well as Archie.You can only look back at the great memories you shared and the great life you gave them.The sadness and loneliness can be so difficult but that is the choice we made when we gave our love and received that unconditional love that is the best thing you can have.I will never give up that happeiness we had throughout o
  10. Yes I hope to find peace and past the guilt part and into the missing my girl part .I can accept missing her as I know she was old and ready to pass and the rainbow bridge is the place where we can reunite..Good hearing support here I really needed it and I’m sure will continue to feel sad but will try to remember all the years we had together.thank you both
  11. Thank you Kayc that’s sounds like the same situation as my girl so I do feel better and take comfort I made the right choice.She wasn’t the same dog whimpered most of day not happy confused with anxiety..Yes she could have gone on a little while longer but like you said what for to be unhappy stressed and suffer.Her quality of life was very low and she was such a good girl she deserved better than to struggle just to survive each day.Thank you I felt she deserved better than suffering
  12. Thank you for your help and kind words.Yes Jaylo hopefully forgives me It is just so hard to do something like this and not feel I failed her.She didn’t have a terminal illness like Arlie but she had multiple health issues which made her life not much fun or to be able to live like a dog should.Her arthritis her dementia almost blind her heart pressing near her trachea really was the part I couldn’t see she would take deep breaths with her stomach expanding sometimes I know that must have bothered her so much.Then her starting to pee and poop and whine when she couldn’t get up out it it was he
  13. I just put my 17 year old pug jaylo to sleep.Im heartbroken and guilty.She had many health issues bad arthritis in her back legs and spine her heart was pressing close to her trachea making it hard to breathe .She had dementia would pace back and forth get stuck in corners and try to squeeze into spaces.She had trouble getting up and was now peeing and pooping and lying in it most of the time but she would go out to pee when I took het but her meds lasix made her pee a lot.She would cry and whine a lot not sure if it was pain or anxiety as she was almost blind.She still ate well by hand feedi
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