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  1. Thanks, Gregg that is a great suggestion!
  2. Thank you, MartyT. Indeed we both need time to adjust.
  3. Thanks for your feedback, Gregg. The situation you described is exactly what hit home for me - new little one is sweet, adjusting to a new life, but isn't a lap cat that I can see. My calico was a fixture on me wherever I sat/laid down which was a saving grace for my anxiety! I have intellectually tried not to impose expectations on this new girl, but my gosh it's so hard & it hurts deeply. I feel regret and that I made a mistake - maybe I wasn't as ready as I thought to be able to fully appreciate a new kitty for who they are. I'll continue to work through this day by day. Wishing
  4. Hi all, So I adopted a 1 year old cat yesterday and since bringing her home, have been crying, filled with regret and sadness. I'm afraid it was too soon for me which I feel terrible guilty about. She's sweet as can be - this is not a reflection of her. I just feel so empty when I look at her. It's triggered immense grief for my lost girl. Has anyone ever dealt with this or have suggestions for how to handle it? This was the last thing I expected to happen as I love animals so much.
  5. Thank you, kayc! I will keep yall updated Really appreciate this wonderfully supportive group.
  6. Congrats, Gregg! So happy to hear that you have adopted Leon and that he has settled well into your home. I can totally appreciate the emotional roller coaster aspect of adopting while still grieving. I started looking at local shelters too and had guilt. But, then I reminded myself that Savannah J would want me happy - and for me that means having a furry creature to love. I imagine that your beloved Mango would want you to be happy as well. Cheers to your very happy addition!
  7. Dear Gracie4ever, GMS, and Kayc, thank you all for your continued support and sharing your personal stories. I am so sorry to hear about the anguish that you each experienced. Our furbabies are so precious and mean the world to us. This site is so wonderfully supportive and I'm immensely grateful for it. It's safe space to work through my grief with people who completely understand it. Thank you everyone and blessings to all.
  8. Thank you, @MartyT for the lovely poem, it brought tears of joy to my eyes. @Kayc, @Archie11 thanks so much for your kind words of comfort. I am also terribly sorry to hear about your poor vet experiences with your furbabies and ultimately losing them. That must have been so painful. I'm doing the best I can to get through the days/nights while being kind to myself but I miss my girl terribly. Wishing you all comfort and peace.
  9. Hi all, I lost my beloved calico on Mon evening and I am devastated. I know folks here will truly appreciate the shock, immense grief, sadness, and loneliness that comes from losing a furry baby. Savannah J was my child and my chosen family as I don't have a child or significant other. Her absence is so, so painful. She picked me 13 years ago from a shelter and it truly seemed like the universe brought us together. 13 years of habits & cohabitation are gone. She will no longer share a pillow with me, meow and head-butt me to in a genuine effort to help me wake up each morning,
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