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  1. thank you marty. i appreciate your kind words more than i can express. i love what you said about “grief overload”. i am also mourning the loss of a grandfather that passed about a month ago, and while his passing was expected and i made peace with it a while ago, i think i am experiencing some of the grief of his passing with my little lola and the rest of my babies. i have painted little portraits of both darla and dexter when they passed, and i know that once i have the strength to i can paint one of my lola.
  2. at this time last year, i had 3 pets. a dog named darla, and two cats named dexter and lola. we adopted them all in 2008. dexter and lola came first. darla then came along a few months later. darla was diagnosed with diabetes on 2015. we had a few close calls but with regular insulin shots and the right food, she was happy. the diabetes did start taking a toll on her small body slowly- as she started to go blind and had the occasional rare seizure, and finally last september her body couldn’t take it anymore and we had to make the difficult decision to put her down at the age of 11. at t
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