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  1. Kay I'm really sorry that the dog injured your hands! That is terrible! I'm sorry the rescue stories didn't work out, either. I had thought about fostering but I realized I have to be ready to actually keep a pet by the time I'd consider that because I fall fast and hard ....it's unlikely I wouldn't end up keeping the animal, unless they bit me or something else terrible. I understood you, that it is always helpful to have soft furries in our lives!! Fur fixes are the best!!!
  2. Thanks @kayc and @MartyT for sharing! I know I'm not ready yet...but I do also realize that I need fur babies in my life. My Mother has never been an animal person but she adopted a homeless dog around 7 years ago, thinking it would be good for my Dad who has dementia. Turns out the dog is great for both of them, and she loves him very much. She was never an animal person! Well, yesterday she calls me to ask if I still have a cat scratcher pole...because a man went temporarily to jail and had to abandon his cat. Long story short, the cat was at my Mom's house!!! I couldn't resist, I went to vi
  3. Kay, my heart goes out to you and your family. Please keep us updated. 💕
  4. Thank you Kay. I started to Google but I saw the word "toxic" and stopped myself as I felt it would be too painful. It was the "only" med we could give her...so If I knew it could be dangerous and could go back in time, the only thing I could've done for her would be to let her rest sooner..and not given her that. She was in pain, she was declining, so my only solace is that hopefully she was protected from a lot of the pain because of having that in her system, like Gregg had mentioned. I don't know that I'll be ready for a new pet anytime soon. I would be too panicked constantly looking for
  5. Thank you, Kay...see what you think about this. I did ask the Vet about it right away, maybe the day after. Trying to make sense of everything. She said it wasn't due to the meds but I was thinking if it was due to the meds she probably wouldn't admit it. She has always seemed like a good Vet so I believed her. But then one or two people in a forum said their pets' legs got weak after pain meds. One of them contacted me directly and I’d been able to push the idea away, until she did that. So that's why the doubt. I want to believe the Vet. Maybe I have to just keep telling myself she was
  6. I'm so sorry to hear about Callie. It was a month ago today that I had to let my girl rest. I feel your pain. Please know that we understand and that you can come here and express your feelings anytime you want. We are here for you and this is a safe place. Susan
  7. Thank you Gregg. I was thinking that it will be wrapped up, most likely, and I will wait until I’m home and take it out. Touch the impression and cry. But maybe after time, it will be a sweet momento for me. I will pick it up. How fun that Leon likes to play! I’m so happy he doesn’t mind being picked up! That’s wonderful. I have been thinking about either getting another pet, eventually, or maybe first, volunteering for a wildlife rescue in my area. I know I need to be around animals. I need to give them love and pet them! I can’t volunteer yet, due to the pandemic. I hope t
  8. Thank you, Marty. I will work on this and have hope, and work on positive thoughts as you say. I will try to be conscious and deliberate in my thinking. I realize I’ve never tried to change my thoughts before, only gave free rein to my mind. Dangerous. My girl might give me the gift of more positive mindset. Gregg, you’re right. I never thought of this before. I have a friend who just told me that both her elderly parents were given increased pain meds when they no longer wished to hang on. They passed quite quickly after that. Gregg, my friend, thank you very, very much. Recently I have
  9. Thank you so much dear Marty. I will take your advice to heart. I can say it was the kidney disease that ultimately hurt her. I did want to try to distract my thoughts and bury this. It just seemed too much to bear. I keep seeing her last two days. Is that normal in grieving? Will that fade, in time?
  10. Gregg I’m glad you were able to bring Marble to see the same oncologist and that he is sleeping better. I hope you were able to rest, as well. You also have Mango home. That is very good. I still have a paw print waiting at the Vet that I can’t get myself to go pick up. They told me to take my time, they will keep it safe. I wonder if I will ever have the strength to go get it. I recently made a new friend that told me about her pet that died last year, in a very tragic way. I tried to use that to gain perspective, as well. After that tragedy, she also had to have brain surgery and in mid
  11. I was starting to feel just a tad bit better in the grieving process. Then, I read another example of someone who gave their pet the same pain med I gave my cat in her last two days and their pet took a turn for the worse, just like mine. I know my girl was declining, that’s why I started giving her that pain medication. However, the thought that I likely inadvertently caused her to crash faster, kills me. She had kidney disease and that med, I was told, was the only option due to her various health problems. I couldn’t figure out why she lost control of her legs so fast. I had other guilt fee
  12. Dearest Gregg, I immediately felt your anxiety and apprehension when I started to read your message. I mean I felt them as my own. My heart is with you. I'm really concerned about Marble and hoping that someone who knows about FIP might be able to give you some insight. Perhaps put "FIP" in your post title? I don't know anything about it but I will try to read something on it. Did the appetite stimulant help? Please keep us updated. Susan
  13. Thank you so much for always caring, Kay.🤗
  14. You did the right thing for your sweet girl, JayJay. We all did. I need to keep telling myself, her suffering is over...her suffering is over...the only story I could ever be satisfied with is if I could’ve kept her healthy and forever. So the guilt is what I’m stuck with, as of course, that could never be. But hopefully in time I will reach that point where the sweet memories take over...wish I could fast forward.
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