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  1. Dear Frankie, Today and pretty much every time I cry, I start bawling. Sometimes if I’m out somewhere and feel like crying, I have to try and hold it in until I’m home. I try to remember that my girl is not suffering, too, and I know that was the right decision. The suffering in my heart that this is the harsh reality...it’s so much to bear. My Mom took in a homeless cat and he’s nearly twice as big as my girl was. He likes to climb onto me and rub his face on my chin or neck...he gives me some comfort. I try to take it in and enjoy it, telling myself that my girl would want to see me rec
  2. What a beautiful tribute to Coco, I've got tears streaming down my face, too.
  3. I really understand where you are coming from. I joined some Facebook loss groups but the pictures and the sayings were so heartbreaking that sometimes I could not bare to look at them. However, other times, I can look at things and it helps me cry. It really is good to get a good cry on...it helps us to relieve some stress. I am so happy to have this group where I can speak freely. As you said, we don't feel free to speak to everyone about our losses and our babies...we can speak freely here, which is wonderful. Thankful for you.
  4. No worries, my friend, I love dogs and cats and didn’t think anything of it. It’s funny you should mention that because the older she got, the more demanding she got about breakfast. Also, towards the end she had diabetes so I was always worried and wanted to make sure she ate enough. She would howl really loudly to be fed. I think part of that was because she became deaf. Sometimes at 6 AM sometimes earlier so I would end feeding her and going back to bed. It was really annoying, but what I wouldn’t give to do that again.
  5. I might’ve shared this before but she was a timid cat. She’d get nervous with loud noises. Sometimes I’d get home from work and couldn’t find her. Then I’d notice a lump in the comforter on the bed. She knew how to climb in there underneath the blanket and hide. It was the cutest thing. I would just pet her that way until she was ready to come out. I miss her so much.
  6. My dear, I'm so sorry you are having to go through this. I struggled with that feeling, my mind kept trying to figure out ways that I might get her back Every time I had to tell myself that all the thinking in circles wasn't going to bring her back, I was devastated over and over again. If I get up at night and walk in the dark I still feel a need to watch where I'm stepping. For me that's a big part of what the word "grieving" came to mean - telling my heart over and over again that I can't bring her back. Again I'm really sorry you are going through this, but please be assured that it is ind
  7. Kay, I'm so sorry you also struggle with that....those spots are sacred ground...hugs to you.
  8. Today is the two month mark and I woke at 3 and it’s almost 5 a.m. I’ve been crying a lot to where I can’t breathe and I just looked at my folder of Gracie photos. It’s just a tug of war, grieving. Part of me wanted to look at photos while the other part knew I was breaking my own heart by looking. I was feeling so dreadfully alone so I knew it would help to come here and speak to you.. my dear people who truly understand.
  9. Hi Dear, Everything you say here resonates with me because the couch was where Gracie would sleep so I find it’s not easy to use it. Today I sat there but I still leave her side clear as if she still uses it. I’ve thought about getting a different couch because it’s old anyway but it’s such an expensive item to replace. Many times I just stay in my bedroom because there are less memories there but of course there are memories in every room. I find myself still avoiding looking at certain spaces or things. Nights are hardest for me, too. I think when the sun goes down I just want to
  10. You did the right thing, dear Kay. You saw when Arlie was no longer able to live comfortably and you made the toughest call, ever. You were not thinking of yourself but only of Arlie, as should be, and you helped him to rest when the time was right. It devastates our hearts and breaks them, but we will take that, knowing our beloveds are no longer suffering and never to suffer again!! Only to be at peace and happy. Hugs to you.
  11. I believe that the medication is what caused my girl to be weak on her legs and when I saw that, I decided it was time to let her rest. However, in hindsight, I believe she was suffering longer than I realized. I mean why would I have decided to give her pain medication unless I saw pain? So I had to grapple with the idea that perhaps I caused her to go downhill faster because of that medication choice...but it was the only medication they said I could give her due to various health issues ...and as I said, she was in pain, she would lay down very very slowly...and her legs had been weak for
  12. Dear, I am so dreadfully sorry for the loss of your dear Westley 2 days ago. My heart aches because I remember how I felt 2 days after. Thank you so much for your kind and loving post. We are not the only ones who have regrets and wonder if we missed something. It is a part of grieving that seems to grab all of us by the throat. My girl had diabetes for about three weeks and it actually got under control with change of diet, but then she kept refusing foods and I figured she just didn't like the replacement foods I was offering...but now I think she was losing her appetite due to her other hea
  13. Dear Paula, I’m so sorry for your loss. She will always be a part of you, so she’s in your heart and your thoughts and dreams. I understand all you are saying. I see memories of my girl in my home and I feel really sad yet I also want to look at them. The same things or memories make me both happy and sad. I’ve never experienced so much of this “confusion” in my life. I understand how it can feel like things feel worse ...grief ebbs and flows...I thought I was doing a bit better for a few days but today the tears won’t stop. In two days will be the 2 month mark since the day she went
  14. I agree with you, dear Kay. I know that when I try to play stuff over in my head it’s because I’m wishing for a different outcome. It’s heartbreaking to keep telling myself there is no changing anything. I know that is a part of grieving...the heart has to acknowledge what the mind already knows. It sucks. For example, I’d mentioned before that the last day happened too quickly, it felt too hurried, due to trauma for me, pandemic protocol etc...but I told a friend of mine about my regrets that it went too fast and she said, “I don’t think any amount of time would’ve been good enough”....and sh
  15. Thank you Paula for your kind thoughts. I try to think of happy memories of my girl, as you said, those memories are also hard...but can also bring a happy feeling. I know in time I will be able to look longer at her photos. I know that even if I cry, it’s a good thing to grieve and release some stress in the body....I want to thank you so much for your love and concern. It really means a lot. Today is a particularly hard day. Hugs to you.
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