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  1. I know that "tug of war" with your heart thing. Yesterday was one month since my dog Sonny crossed the rainbow bridge. Sometimes I think that looking at pics and visiting the group or a pet loss facebook page is just me torturing myself or making myself cry on purpose and that is just keeping me in a state of grief. But then at some point I realized that doing that is helping me cope. I need to get a good cry on sometimes. It really does help me process. I started recently feeling like I've been talking about him too much to my friends because whenever someone calls me I talk about him. So I'm
  2. SteD we all do say that about our pets. And we are all correct! They do mean that much to each of us. I'm sorry you don't have a support system in your housemate. But you do here and can come any time to post or talk or read others stories. Reading others stories helps me a lot. And sometimes I find it cathartic to look at pictures of my dog Sonny and to write about him and just cry. I think it helps me process. It also helps me think of the good times so that I don't dwell as much on his last days or the last few months. We all process differently, progress differently and move forward at our
  3. thank you amboehlen - i'm sorry for the loss of your baby boy. that's a great idea and i'm happy for you to be able to move your workspace. i unfortunately do not have the space, but if i did, i probably would have done that. the grief comes in waves, some days more than others. sometimes i can sit at my desk and look beside me, picture him laying there, hear his breath and smile. other days i sit on the sofa and feel so empty and alone i have to get up and go somewhere else. i have a blanket that my friend gave to Sonny for my birthday (yes, Sonny got a present when it was my birthday) and no
  4. Thanks y'all for sharing and for your thoughtful words. This is why I came to this discussion group and it means a lot, and helps too. Jayjay - I have hundreds of pics of Sonny. I wish I could share them all because they do tell a great story and show how wonderful our time was together. I was able to look at some and not become a basket case this week and just smile and focus more on thinking about the fun we had and all the quirky things he did that made me happy, things I didn't think much about in the past couple years as we dealt with his health issues. And you're right, at some po
  5. Awe πŸ€— I say good morning and good night to Sonny and I talk to him during the day sometimes for various things. He used to come into the kitchen when I cooked, so I call him when I take out something I might've shared. If I leave for the grocery I say "I'll be right back baby boy". When I would turn around and he was behind my chair, "hey cutie pie". If I was going to put laundry away... Every frivolous moment he was there, following me to every room just to be near me. πŸ’”
  6. Thank you. Sonny had more specialists than I did! When he first got cancer I had no idea there were dog oncologists. Over time he wound up with an internal specialist, neurologist, cardiologist, surgeon. The sadness just washes over me randomly, unexpectedly. It's worse when I wake up and then right before bed. I miss him so much! 😭
  7. LOL - oh my gosh, the things these doggies do! 😍 The connection we feel to them, and they feel to us, is astounding and everlasting. I would do it all over again if I had the chance. I would continue to do everything I was doing if he was still here no matter how it affected my life. I think I'll always want just a little more time. 😒
  8. Thank you for saying it gets easier. It gives me hope. I agree, I don't think there is any getting over it. My friend the other day after only a week and a half without him said "I thought you were getting better". I don't think some of my friends realize how much I'm hurting. Sonny was my soulmate, my constant companion for 14 years. He was always by my side, never judged, never abandoned our friendship, and he gave me more love and understanding than most humans.
  9. Thank you πŸ’™ It took me two weeks to the day to pull myself together enough to do this. It made me feel a little better so I am glad I did. Thanks for reading and caring. It's very hard being alone.
  10. I still keep wondering if he was ready. Why do we keep beating ourselves up over those last few days or those last few moments? I had 14 years with my baby boy, Sonny, and they were amazing. He was amazing. He came into my life when he was about a year old. He was a rescue dog, so I don’t know when he was born or what kind of mix he was. He looked part yellow lab and beagle, and acted part jack russell terrier. And he truly exuded the energy and spunkiness that was his own until his final day here with me. I wanted him to live forever. The vet techs used to call him the energize
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