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  1. Thank you so much for your responses. It helps so much, knowing there are people out there who care and are willing to listen. I bought the book, Three Cats, Two Dogs, and just got it today and started reading it and it is helping. I am so thankful we didn't lose all our pets. I was able to get the dogs out and Callie was okay. I can't even imagine losing all of them. I never actually saw any of their bodies, but the part where he talks about how he went into the fire to get their bodies and he and his wife refused to leave until the vets came and took them away, I can understand that.
  2. It's been two weeks since the fire and some days I feel like I'm handling things okay, other days I feel like I'm still in shock. Like none of this can actually be real. This whole year has been pretty terrible for me. I'm one of those millennials who still has to live with their parents because they can't find steady employment. I have a Master's degree and lots of experience in my field, amazing recommendations, all that jazz, but I've only been able to get temporary jobs and internships. This year I'd finally managed to get a fellowship that would've lasted an entire year and would've g
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