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  1. It sounds like Gracie was so comforted by you petting her, that is absolutely adorable. I may have mistaken Gracie for a puppy in past responses, if so I apologize! She sounds like such a sweet kitty. Did you guys have morning rituals, was she one of those cats that wakes you up super early in the morning for breakfast?
  2. I can definitely relate to this, I still wake up in the middle of the night and roll over carefully so I don't disturb my sleeping cat. I can still feel him sleeping at my feet or between my legs. It will definitely take some adjusting
  3. It's been 4 days since we rushed Westley to the hospital unexpectedly. It was another day full of distractions. I was able to do the dishes that have been sitting in the sink since that night, which felt like a huge accomplishment. My husband went off to the store and I decided to stay behind to see how I could handle alone time. I'm holding up ok but that hole that my Westley left when he departed is at the front of my attention now. My chest is tight, my heart feels empty. I want so desperately to hold him. I want to kiss him. My brain is still resisting the fact that he's gone. The tears ha
  4. Speak what's on your mind, lovely person, we are here to share in your pain. My heart breaks for you today, I know how much this hurts and how much you miss your baby. Do you want to share some of your favorite memories of her?
  5. I am so sorry for your loss. I know guilt is a natural part of grieving, but I absolutely PROMISE you that you did nothing wrong by seeking treatment for your mental health. As someone who has also struggled deeply with my mental health I really admire your ability to seek treatment. It took me years before I was ready, and many people never make that leap of faith. You did something that took incredible strength, and that decision does NOT characterize or change the love you had for your dog, or the love he had for you. Your baby knew that you loved him. He was such a beautiful boy, than
  6. I'm so sorry Paula, it sounds like the love between you and your baby was deep and eternal. Please know that no matter how much time passes, your grief is still valid and we will always be here to hear you. Not being able to have my departed cat near me, held against my chest, brings me so much pain. The tattoo is such a beautiful idea. We got a clay imprint of my cat's paw and holding it against my chest gives me some relief, even if it's only a little May I ask what your dog's name was? She sounds like a sweet baby, again I'm so sorry for your loss
  7. Thank you KayC, I really appreciate the support! Your words are very comforting
  8. Today was rough in a different way. My husband and I spent the day out and it was a good distraction. I got waves of sadness here and there. But now I'm home and the day is winding down and suddenly there's that tightness in my chest, and I remember that my baby boy isn't here anymore. My favorite part of coming home was kissing Westley's forehead, picking him up and carrying him around for a couple minutes. He always nuzzled my face and neck when I picked him up, and never fussed when I'd carry him around the apartment, just because. I really want to hold him, have him sit in my lap for the l
  9. Gracie, thank you so much for posting. I've been following a lot of your posts and they resonate so deeply with me. I only lost my Westley 2 days ago but I'm reflecting now on the days leading up to his death, and my husband and I realized that he wasn't eating as much, drinking as much and was sleeping a little extra. It wasn't enough to cause any concern in us at the time, we thought he's just elderly and he's bound to have some slower days. Now I'm thinking that he wasn't feeling well and was getting ready to cross the rainbow bridge. And we had no idea. Not even an inkling. We actually wer
  10. I'm so sorry to hear this, you were doing what you thought was best for your baby based on medical advice. My Westley responded really poorly to gabapentine (not sure if I'm spelling that right), it made him unable to walk straight and it killed his appetite, which briefly jeopardized his health. I'm sure you had a very different experience, but sometimes this stuff happens and you just wanted your baby to be comfortable. You acted out of love and compassion, which is admirable and wonderful. You were a wonderful puppy parent.
  11. My heart is breaking reading this. I'm working home as well and I'm not going to have my baby boy in my lap anymore, or sleeping by my feet, or jumping in my chair when I get up for a moment. I also don't want to be at home without him. I don't want to keep coming home to a house that doesn't have my baby waiting for me. Every word you said resonated, I feel your pain and I am so deeply sorry for your loss. It's a pain unlike any other I don't know if you have the resources, but you could consider moving your workspace. I'm planning on moving my work desk to another room, I just can't sit
  12. Hi again, I think I'm going to use this site as a way of journaling my grief I hope you don't mind... It's day two after losing my kitty that I had for 21 years. Yesterday all I did was sit on the couch and cry. I wandered around the apartment aimlessly, it felt like I was looking desperately for my cat even though I knew he wasn't there. I kind of stared at the place his bed was. I stared at my desk chair that he would jump into not 30 seconds after I had gotten up. I guess I'm just trying to process that he's really not there. I still feel him. I still see him. I still hear him (he
  13. I'm so sorry to hear this. My baby boy struggled with kidney disease for a few years as well. I'm so happy to hear that Callie has been feeling a little better! I'm starting the grieving process as well so please reach out if you ever need to talk. We had to put my baby down unexpectedly yesterday so my husband and I are also beginning this journey.
  14. I know this is an older topic but I just came across it, it hits really close to home. We unexpectedly had to put my baby down yesterday. I've had him since I was 3 years old, and he gave me 21 love filled years. I'm scared for night to come, because I don't want to crawl into bed without him following me and snuggling up next to me. I don't want to sleep through the night without waking up to him sitting between my legs. I am so deeply sorry for your loss. It sounds like there was so much love between you two.
  15. Hi, I'm looking for ways to grieve in an effective healthy manner. I feel very lost and disoriented right now We had to put my 21 year old cat down unexpectedly last night. I've had this cat since I was three, I don't remember a life before him or without him. He was having some issues a couple weeks ago but they seemed cleared up and he was back to normal. Very talkative, very spunky, eating well. Then last night, literally in a matter of seconds he had an event (stroke, seizure, we're unsure). Rushed him to the ER and had to make the choice to let him rest. That was less than 24 ho
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