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  1. V_rs

    Cody's Death

    Thank you all so much. Today I called the vet who euthanized him. I have been having an incredibly hard time understanding what happened, even though it has been told to me so many times. I am in a state of shock. There is a part of me that expects to see him when I move back home. I saw him dying on FaceTime and yet, I have been in disbelief. I called the doctor asking her to go over everything with me again. She told me that the reason why the tumor spread so quickly is because dogs lives are significantly shorter than ours, so cancers spread much faster. One year in a human is like one week
  2. Hi everyone. I lost my first dog, my beautiful baby boy, my best friend on Monday. I have been absolutely devastated. I haven't been able to eat or sleep all week. He was only six years old and he died incredibly tragically. A growth was found on his liver three weeks ago after I saw him behaving strangely one night, and now he is dead. I had him every day for six years and had to move to Boston to go to an inpatient mental health treatment facility. My family said they would look after him and take him to get surgery but the cancer got to him before surgery was even possible. The growth ruptu
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