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  1. Hi @kayc Here's another update : Yesterday we both saw each other. I picked her up from her house and we went to a shopping mall after. During our trip on the way to the mall, we both had small conversations at first -- I was telling her stories about my hiking trip and some things I've been doing in the past month. After I told my stories, we went silent for a moment then she started telling her stories and she first told me that she got a job now and I congratulated her for it and after a while into her story telling, she dropped a tear when she mentioned an issue in her family rig
  2. Hi, @kayc I hope everything is good with you. I just want to give you an update regarding the situation : For the past few days Alek and I are continuing talking to each other on a daily basis but we only keep it to a really small talk. She would usually message me first just asking how am I -- and I would initiate conversation with her and the rest follows. Regarding the plan I told you about inviting her to come with me, she wanted to but just couldn't make it for a reason and I understand her reason and it's valid. It's sunday now but last Thursday she asked me if I am free for F
  3. I don't think so. I just have a feeling she wants me to be around so her ex wont bother her -- and also that her friends could meet me since they've been longing to meet me before. But since I've told her that I won't be coming with her to Pampanga and go on with my plans instead, all of those things she planned on her head won't matter anymore. And plus, I'm not her boyfriend anymore, why would I even meet her friends?
  4. Just another update : She just replied just now after 2 hours and 40 minutes. She just said " Oh okayyy I don't know yet... " then I didn't reply for an hour then she messaged me again saying " You're staying there the whole day or for the whole weekend? " And I just replied with " We will be coming back to Manila first thing in the morning. Why? "
  5. Hi @kayc, I want to give you an update : I messaged her at 3:20 pm then she replied back at 4:02 but I wasn't able to reply immediately cause my wifi was off -- at 4:30, I replied " Hey! I just want to ask, did you already decide if you're going to Pampanga?" then she replied immediately and said " I'm not sure if I want to go... why? " then I told her " I see. My plans for this weekend is a go. Do you want to come with me to Lucena? We're gonna be hiking then swimming in the waterfalls! " then she replied " Who's gonna be coming? " then I told her " My high school friends from Qata
  6. exactly the same thought that I'm thinking. I don't really want her to feel that I'm chasing and relationship focused right now. I'm going to talk to her later and ask her first what's her decision before I invite her then I'll ask if she wants to come with me. I'll update you later!
  7. Hi, @kayc I just want to give you another update : Alek messaged me just a few moments ago and she asked if I am free on the weekend and I replied I'm not yet sure because me and my friends are also discussing about our plans for the weekend and I asked her why. She then told me " My college friends invited me to go on an overnight trip in Pampanga ( a province in Philippines ) but I don't want to go alone because Josh is there ( her ex who treated her very badly ) I mean, I'm not yet sure if I'm still going " and I just proceeded to tell her " Alrightt, I'll let you know few days b
  8. Exactly! I also don't want her to sense that I'm overly excited that we're both talking again and she may get that sort of feeling if I continue to always initiate conversation with her. And if she does, that might give her a reason to back off a little bit because she'll get a gut feeling that I'm focused on her, where all she wants right now is taking things slow and/or a friend.
  9. Hi @kayc I just want to give you an update : It's been 3 days straight that we've been talking and right now it's a saturday and I just wished her a great weekend early in the morning and she wished me the same back. I'm not sure if I should be the one who'll hit her up and start a conversation right now cause I don't want to overdo talking to her on a daily basis. I just want to ask is it alright if I won't be talking to her the whole weekend or the following days after that if she wont message me first? I'm planning on just letting her come to me whenever she feels to. Becau
  10. Thank you both @kayc @MartyT for those words. I will give you an update in the future regarding our situation!
  11. You're exactly right about that. I think the best way that I can do right now is even if she herself told me that she wants to work it out with me, I shouldn't expect as much because she isn't in the right place to give something emotionally right now.
  12. It's so difficult not to over read into it because her actions says louder than words. I'm trying my best to understand her but Its not going to be easy... I know that I have to prolong my patience if this is something I'm in the long haul for
  13. Just a small update : She messaged me an hour ago just asking how much the paratha in our area costs? ( because we went there before to eat ) and I replied " Around 50-65 PHP " and she replied back " Much cheaper! " I don't plan on replying anymore not after how our conversation on video call went. I feel like she's just trying to see if I was somehow affected on how she talked to me earlier. I clearly stated last month when we had our argument before she asked for more space that whenever she talks to me, I don't feel the energy or enthusiasm anymore. I was hoping that since we to
  14. Hi, @kayc I just want to give you an update : We just finished talking together on video call via messenger. I'm honestly disappointed because this is the first time we have seen each other face to face on video call since October 18 and the way she talked to me is still the same way on how she talks to me even on the last time we saw each other personally -- uninterested, no energy, lack of enthusiasm. I was kinda hoping that she would talk to me in a energetic way because if you haven't seen someone for a long time you would be excited to be talking to them but that didn't happen
  15. Hi @kayc we've talked last night and everything went great. I will be sharing with you the things she said to me and what I've said back to her -- and also I'm going to be asking some questions regarding the story I will be telling. So here's what happened : She told me last night that " I just want to say thank you because even though you cant understand me or even that you're not in my situation, I know that you know this is hard for me. From day 1 you've been very supportive even tho I have hurt you. It was never my intention to hurt you. I guess Im just so unfamiliar with what's goin
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