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  1. There is a thing happen to me and I would like to share with all of you, My cat passed away on 1/11/2020, for the next couple of days I feel sad and lost. I do tell myself that I don't want to have another cat anymore as I'm afraid to lose again just like what @kayc mention. One day when I bring my dog for a walk, I look at the sky and I saw a very beautiful rainbow across the sky. The rainbow is so bright and glorious !!! I never see such beautiful rainbow in my entire life. When I went to tell people to look at the rainbow, it's gone. I'm the only one who sees it. I feel like thi
  2. I owned 2 cats but both of them didn't end well..... One day there is a grey cat appear if front of my dad's office, my dad fed him for a few days and we decided to bring her home because at night there is no place for her to sleep and all the restaurant nearby was closed due to covid-19 and sometimes there is stray dogs wondering around the buildings. The day she arrived at our home we were so happy. I tried to quarantine the cat so the she could get used to our presence and the surroundings and especially our dog. But, one day she just sneak out from the room and ran outside. I tried my
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