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  1. I'm currently reading "Losing my Bestfriend" by Jeannie Wycherley which I found in amazon, kindle version. Kc also suggested a link above with ebooks that you might be interested in. I always prefer real books rather than ebooks, for complete reading experience but I did not find any pet loss books in our local bookstores. So this is my first time trying out ebooks as I don't have any other option. I've realized through this site that reading about grief topics can be very helpful and therapeutic. You may try it too, if you have time. Hope you're coping up through these sorrowful times.
  2. I also cooked for my dog, she loves to eat! She's also an indoor dog so she stayed with me all the time. And that's one of the things I truly miss, you know when you had a routine and then suddenly everything changes. I feel so lost and empty. I've found some ebooks in amazon, thank you so much for recommending them. Reading helps a lot, you and Marty are correct, the more we understand grief the more we're able to handle it. And I'm so thankful to have found this site and people like you who support everyone. I will not be able to handle this if not for your words and understanding.
  3. Hi Rjm, it's not sefish, I totally understand. We all lost our beloved companions so we are in the same boat. I'm sorry that you are also going through grief right now. I don't have a choice but to slowly cope up. I've been reading articles and I have found some e-books about pet loss which I believe is helping me understand and handle my grief. I cannot say I'm okay, there are days when I get busy with work that I don't feel worse as the other days, but there's not a day that I don't feel the pain of losing her. Waking up in the morning are the hardest, because I always realize it's another d
  4. Well they are kind to animals, and I know they love all the dogs that I had. They also cried when I lost her. It's just that they dont have the same connection, so they will never understand exactly what I'm going through. I don't take it against them, maybe I'm just afraid of being judged.
  5. Thank you for listening, my family may think that I'm fine but they don't know what I'm going through and I already expect that they will never understand the impact on me. They don't own any animal, so I cannot blame them if they will think that I'm too emotional blah blah.
  6. Oh kayc, how many more holidays do we have to spend without them. It's heart breaking.
  7. Monday was the day I lost her. And today is another monday, but extra harsh. Yesterday I tried to brush it off, valentine's was always a special day for us and this was the first that we didn't get to spend it. I slept most of the day, trying not to think too much. But then, it backfired because today I woke up feeling overwhelmed with sadness. I miss her terribly I cried so hard. And so I tried again, I went to the bookstore to look for pet loss books but found nothing. It's unfortunate, no one seems to need those books except me. So there I was, in a corner of the bookstore, weeping. Almost
  8. Hi Vorkatir, I'm sorry to hear about your loss. I know the feeling because I feel the same way, my girl also passed away so suddenly and unexpected last December. She's also her normal happy self that morning, ate with gusto and played with me. Our only difference is that, I just went outside for about an hour then my mom called me telling me that my dog just collapsed and in just 30mins or so she's gone. Just like that. I'm still in a rollercoaster of emotions, I feel cheated that the universe did not even give me a chance to save her. Going to this website really helps me, I hope you do too.
  9. @graceY.H.W thank you for sharing your story. I'm sorry to hear about your cat's passing. Hoping we all see again our beloved companions one day.
  10. Though crying seems to lessen overtime but it also feels like it's getting harder and harder as time goes by, realizing the length of time that she's no longer with me. My longing to see her and hug her are getting intense day by day. At this stage, there are also days when I'm feeling self pity-- wondering why I had to experience losing the one I love so so much in a sudden unexpected death like hers.
  11. One month and 2 days since she has passed. I almost thought I'm on the right track, some days are worse than other days, but today I broke down again. I just feel so empty. 💔
  12. 3weeks today. I woke up again with a heavy heart. I'm longing for her so much, I closed my eyes and tried to listen to the sound of her toes on the floor. On her last birthday, Nov 2020, we did a photo shoot and she wore a flower crown. I was her glam team. We sang happy birthday and I helped her blew her cake, but my sister forgot to take a video of our singing. Now I regret we weren't able to capture it. I may have replayed it a million times. Yesterday, I bought her a flower and I put it in a vase beside her urn. Oh how I wish I can still put a flower crown on your head. Monday
  13. Hi bene, sorry to hear that you're also going through this grief right now. It's been almost 3weeks for me but it's still overwhelming. I'm trying to get busy just to get through the day, but there's not a day that I would not cry especially at night when I go to bed and in the morning when I wake up. There are days when I just can't help myself but to sulk and be unproductive. As what I've read through their advices and articles, they said we really need to take our time. This website is a blessing for all of us and I'm grateful, all of the people here understands our grief and they are alway
  14. I also want to believe that we'll be with them again once our time on earth is up. I just wish they live just as long as we live so that we don't have to experience all the sadness and grief we're going through right now. I still haven't washed her scarves, still has her smell on them. But of course I'm planning to wash them eventually (when I'm ready) and maybe tie at least one on my bag, so it's like she's still keeping me company. I miss her terribly.
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