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  1. Well this may sound horrible....The plan is to make sure nothing is left at final accounting. I have been extremely successful. My husband was a great man but wasn't so good with finances. We kept everything separate. The investments and life insurance were in my name...however he never did a will so Its in probate what neither of us realized was in Florida biological children are entitled to 50% no matter what. Im sure there are many that think im the evil stepmother. However so much has been done for ( Alex) and he stole much from me and both my kids. The court doesn't care. He gets 1/2 afte
  2. THANK You ALL....I believe Im still in shock. I have Chronic Lyme disease just as I got into remission...COVID hit and Mike just didn't feel right. I honestly worked hard at protecting us from COVID only to have him loose feeling in his legs July 4th...surgery found fungus compressing his spinal column. I trusted the doctors. We were told rehab 6 months anti fungals iv 6 months oral meds and he would be fine.So much bad care ...when I finally got him to hospital in Gainesville Labor day weekend it was too late. They told me what the other hospital did that killed him. I immediately hired a VIP
  3. Huge question....How do you get anything done...I make a-plan to get something anything done....and It doesn't happen unless Im pushed without any choice . I have all good intentions but simple things such as opening mail...picking up clutter ( i was the one that nothing should be out of place and has a place or I don't need it)

    Please any ideas for a Jump start?

  4. Good Morning....How wonderful to discover friends who understand . Im completely perplexed and sad. I lost my first husband Walter in 2007 ...yes I grieved extremely sad father to both my children. I loved him so much. I met Mike just 8 months....We did everything together..Mike passed September 8 th from a fungus that shouldn't have killed him. There's already talks with attorneys how the hospital and doctors really messed up. Its been confirmed by their own admittance. That will be an ongoing saga...I know not to compare however Mikes death has hit me like nothing I ever imagined....Why did
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