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  1. My son, Robbie died 2 weeks ago today. The first week I was numb, I think in denial and sown right shocked. He was 34 years old and my rock. 5 years ago he was in a serious car accident which left him paralyzed from his shoulders down. Though paralyzed he had full function of his brain. I wathed him go through so much in those 5 years as I was his caregiver. He had finally accepted his disabiliy and started hanging out with his friends again and actually going out with them and enjpying life again as his body allowed. 2 weeka ago, Im in his room as well as 2 of his friends, we were talking, laughing and having fun. Nothig seemed wrong. I went to the kitchen to make everyone breakfast and he just silently died..I am lost and cry a lot. It still seems so unreL. my boyfriend mentioned removibg his bed etc (which he's right) I am sure another disabilirt person could benifet and use it for it is a very expensice special made bed expecially for quadrepelgics. But I just can't. Even the thought of removing his bed take my breath away and sends me into a severe panic attack, Moving his bed out makes it so final and Im not ready. Heck. I don't know how I am going to breath and live and even consider moving on in life without him. He was my life/
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