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  1. He has such lovey, happy face. It makes me smile. Great wee fella
  2. Thanks Kayc. Whenever I use potentially dangerous appliances like a dryer, I'll be extra careful. As for the tumble dryer, it's now in my garden, covered, and awaiting collection to be recycled. I can't even look at it and I don't think I'll ever use one again, I even threw out the extension cord. It just feels better knowing I never set eyes on them again. Sometime in future I want to post more about Bluebells life, her habits and quirks that made her stand out I'll put up some videos and more pictures.
  3. Sorry for you and your cat, she had one very long life, you must have taken very good care of her 🙂 I read the ones you posted for other people, and it's what made me share my story. I would encourage others to read them and share their grief too. It helps a lot. Today as I was talking to Mum about the whole horrible situation, I came to a realisation, that Bluebell must have gotten into the dryer before I put the bedsheets in, as there's no way she would get onto wet clothes, and even if I had stopped to put my hand in before turn it on I would have never realised she was there. Sh
  4. That's beautiful little dog, it sounds as if she had a fantastic life with you and your family. My little cat Bluebell died two days ago, and I can relate to your feelings. It only natural to take the ones we love for granted, not knowing how much we love them till they're gone, and hating ourselves for not spending more time with them, or taking more photos, or doing more for them, it goes on and on. They're always there and we feel there's going to so much time before they go. Macy knew how much you loved her, and loved you in return. Animals will usually find a quiet place to pass away
  5. Thank you for the reply, it helps. I'm sorry for what happened to you, it wasn't your fault, you couldn't have known he was in your car. I've read a lot of the stories here and I feel for everyone who had/has to feel like this. I've never felt like this before. I had to have cats put down in the past, it was sad, I cried, but I knew it was the best thing for them, I could live with that. But this is very different, cruel kind of feeling. But being here helps.
  6. Hello, my name is Rick, i'm 36, and I trapped my cat Bluebell in the tumble dryer yesterday, killing her. I was putting in my bedsheets and went looking the extension lead, as it's in a closet with no nearby plugs. I had noticed she had entered the closet, but was no where to found, there's not many places to hide other than the dryer (she has done this before). I thought of checking the dryer, but then thought "nah, I'm just being stupid, she just left and went somewhere else", so I switched it on, and headed upstairs to do a little exercise and get a bath. After the bath, I came downst
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