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  1. I am so sorry that you are having to endure this type of inappropriate behavior. Like people say we can choose our friends but not our family. With that being said I can relate to having a toxic family member. It is not like you can return them and get something better more reasonable. I had a very toxic abusive mother who I struggled with a good portion of my life. After praying to no end, attending a church retreat, multiple discussions with my pastor and friends I was finally able to let the abuse ago. Boundaries were set up that I strictly abided by with her at all times. I learned to tell
  2. I am so very thankful for all of the responses. I have actually felt like I have been losing my mind with him. We had been close then I was kicked to the curb. I am finding some clarity with the no contact period. I am not liking what I see when I reflect on our so called relationship. I know when I lost my mother it was unbelievably the absolute worst experience I have endured in my life. I found myself in the middle of a tornado completely numb and unable to function. I certainly was not thinking of how I could scam or con someone to do things for me that are not ethical or warranted. I had
  3. Thank you for your response. This has definitely been on my mind since he has been able to make himself available when he needed a favor of some sort. Otherwise i have been given several excuses and feel like I have been lied to and manipulated. I have really felt a lot of animosity from him towards me since I could not grant some of his favor requests. The day after I told him I could not grant a favor he requested for his mother he had a meltdown with me and we had a confrontation. I was and am still stunned regarding the way in which he reacted when I stopped by his home. I had been there s
  4. Once again this makes sense and I will not plan to recontact him but will maintain my no contact with him. Thank you for your understanding and supporting how very difficult this really is and has been for me. He has requested through a 3rd party that I do a favor for him earlier this week. Unfortunately I cannot grant the favor since it puts my career in jeopardy and is not the ethical or right thing to do. He was aware of this previously so it is not new information to him. He has seemed to reach out at times when I can provide a service for him previously: different favors for him. They are
  5. First I would like to say bless each of you who took the time to assist me in trying to gain some understanding of my friend’s grief and behaviors. I have been so lost and hurt I haven’t known where to turn or what to do. You are correct if you have not been through losing a spouse yourself you have no idea of what it is like to endure. I have lost a parent but this does not even begin to compare to the depth of the pain and grief with the loss of a spouse. I have been floundering unsure what to do if anything at all. Thank you for pointing out that his grief does not include my feelings since
  6. Bless you for sharing your experience and thoughts with me. This makes sense now as you have so eloquently described the devastating loss and the need to be alone since it is so indescribable in nature. He has stated that no one can help with this. He has exhibited so much emotional lability it is very difficult to know what to say or do at times. My presence had to be making him feel pressured or that he needed to live up to some set of expectation(s). I was only trying to be supportive. We did not leave things on good terms the last time I seen him about 5 weeks ago now. He was very hostile
  7. My heart is literally breaking as I write this. I need assistance and/or recommendations on how to assist/help someone who has lost their spouse. I had a previous relationship with a gentleman whose spouse was chronically ill with several health conditions. She became ill in October and passed away in late October from complications of Covid 19. I lost contact with him a couple of days before his wife passed away but had been supporting him the best I could during her long hospitalization. I had been and continue to be very worried about him. He does not have a good support network and prefers
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