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  1. @BaxterBurg My sister-in-law once told me that the end of a relationship is very much like mourning the death of someone and I believe she was right. The end of a relationship is a death in its own way and still needs to be mourned. I can definitely say that mourning the loss of a loved one is transformative, and certainly can be different depending on your relationship with the lost loved one as well as your own stage in life. I am hopeful that at some point this transformation for me will ultimately be for the better. I wish you well. @kayc That is certainly a good distinction. I will s
  2. I'm not sure how to respond to each person's response individually so I am going to do so here. @BaxterBurg I am sorry you are a "dumpee" -- I've been on that side of the process and it is just awful. You feel confused and powerless. All I can say is try to be patient and give that person space and focus on yourself (I wish I had followed that advice 20+ years ago. It would have been less painful). I was very close to my grandmother, who died while I was pregnant with my daughter 14 years ago. I had other grandparents and an aunt die before then but she was probably my most significant lo
  3. I stumbled across this forum and have read several of the posts. Mari’s story and struggle particularly resonated with me and I hope she eventually found some closure. Although I haven’t left my husband, I definitely identify with the “dumper” in this equation and if some of my muddled thoughts can help others, I am happy to share although my perspective being that of a woman (and it seems like a majority of the “dumpers” are men), I may still be able to offer some insight. Please bear with me as I know this is long. Firstly, when a bereaved person says “I have nothing more to give” or “I
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