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  1. I picked up Suki’s ashes yesterday. My sister drove me to the vets, they handed me the bag and I could barely hold back the tears, by the time I was back in the car the emotions just exploded from me, great hearty sobs, which I think had been building up inside me for some time. She is home now, we still don’t know what happened, I have to be patient for those results, the pain feels different, a different kind of emotion now.
  2. I got a card from my vets on Friday, saying how sorry they were about Suki passing, with some sunflower seeds to plant. My sister called them for me to see if there was any update on her post mortem, no more update as yet, the time is indeterminate as they have to wait for results and write up reports. They did tell my sister that Suki’s ashes were back and I could collect. I went this afternoon to collect her ashes, I’d not slept last night, bringing her home has been a big thing for me, part way to feeling some kind of closure. The vets were closed, there had been a positive covid test resul
  3. Hi Danni F, I can’t begin to imagine how you’re feeling at your loss, Fisher was in your life such a long time and that if anything makes the loss even more hard to deal with. In 2017 my cat Daisy was out and she got hit by a car, her injuries were such that it was the humane thing to do was to put her to sleep. I was with her to say goodbye unlike with Suki, Daisy was 2.5 years old. I still look at pictures or think about her and cry, and it’s almost 4 years now. I got a tattoo for Daisy, my first, a Daisy flower with a paw print in the middle, in my mind she is part of me, I’m going to do th
  4. I’m so sorry for your loss, it is very hard when people don’t understand, they’re part of our family. It will get easier, but allowing those moments to cry are the best thing, everyone grieves differently, so do what feels best for you. I have found this forum a great comfort as sharing and finding others who understand the great painful loss, has truly given me comfort. Stay strong 😻
  5. I’m doing better than I was, I’ve been back at work since Monday so that has been a good distraction, but also seems odd as she would jump up on my desk and fall asleep, or play with my pen, or just be a truly playful little girl, she was my shadow so that has made things a lot quieter. I do believe that having her back will bring me great peace, though I like to think her soul is somewhere safe with all the other animals that have passed, they’re all healthy and keeping each other safe and having fun. She was a beautiful girl, with a delicate temperament. My older cat Ziggy is still look
  6. Still waiting, the initial examinations didn’t show up anything, so we’re waiting on test results that were sent off and could take 2-3 weeks to come back. I don’t know how I’ll feel if they say there was nothing wrong. I’m having her cremated and chose the urn on Monday, she’ll be back with us soon and that will help, as soon as I hear anything will let you know.
  7. Thank you KayC, you’re so right about the term pets, they’re members of our family. I’m sorry to hear about the loss of Fluffy, your experience is so much like mine. For me it’s the shock that is so hard, like a punch in the stomach, I still feel like the wind has been knocked out of me. Alas my manager was far from comforting this morning, I said I simply needed a couple more days, still being in lockdown makes it harder as I’m in the house all the time, she made me feel guilty for still being upset and said she thought two days would be enough time to deal with things. Ziggy is staying
  8. On Wednesday (February 3rd), I lost my 3.5 year old Birman Suki. She’d been having odd wobbly moments, and was due to have an MRI on the 9th. Despite the wobbling she was pretty much herself, eating, going toilet, annoying my older cat Ziggy. On the third she was much more wobbly, I brought her up to my office so I could keep an eye on her, she was making some strange noises so brought her back down on my lunch break. She wet herself as I was bringing her down. I settled her on the sofa where she would sleep and cleaned her up. She was quiet, I stroked her and talked to her but I had to go bac
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