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  1. Hi BB Thanks for your reply, I actually read your post which is what inspired me to sign up and make a post. I have sympathy because this sure isn't easy! I hope you're ok and i'm sorry you're going through this too. Luckily I don't have social media but i'm sure i'd have the same response if I had to see what you saw. I understand your point regarding the addiction/withdrawal. I message him generally (although not at the moment because currently NC - 24 hours so far so still early days!) for that temporary high but it comes crashing down when I get over the initial excitement or if
  2. Thanks, that does make me feel better. I am embarrassed, ashamed and regret the things I have done and said but this was out of hurt and anger but. I am trying to get myself into the mindset of it possible not working and currently doing no contact, but I don't know how long to hold out for. Days, months, years? I guess grief isn't a linear process so I will have to take a step back and see the wood from the trees and what will be will be. What would you suggest if he messages me during this no contact period? My main intention is for him to get to a place where he can be happy again bec
  3. Thanks Kayc, i've been reading through some other posts and can see you're knowledgble about the topic so i thank you for your reply. Giving him space is the best plan of action, and I was naive in my response and actions to him as i've never seen grief being acted out the way he does it. I'll read through the materials you've provided and hope it'll give me some more clarity. I hope he feels like he's able to cope, it's hard for me that he won't let me in to support him. I know i'm being selfish but I just want things to be ok in the end. I feel like there is hope if I give him his space and
  4. Me and my boyfriend were going out a total of 6, nearly 7, months just before I broke up with him a few of days ago. We began dating in July, with him asking me to be his girlfriend 6 weeks later. It was a good relationship and we had fun together and I could really see myself building a future with him and we spoke about moving in together eventually. We were doing so well until his stepdad had an unfortunate accident at work in November, this then started a long few months of communication problems on his side. He would ignore me for days on end, cancel dates last minute and just in gen
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