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  1. I lost my best friend who was also my therapist on Saturday. I had been in treatment for 5+ years on a weekly basis. PT was the most intelligent, eclectic, funny, down to earth person that I have ever met. She made exploring scary issues and troubling thoughts and feelings an easy task. I looked forward to every meeting we had. I learned so very much about myself and the world in general. PT helped me thru the most trying and painful time of my life. The loss of my loving spouse of 40+ years. He was my reason for living and I felt as if I would never survive, quite obviously I have. I now am t
  2. I am new to this group. Although I have been a widow for almost 5 years now I too was married for over forty years. My husband was the only person I have ever dated or been with. the same for him. we were each others firsts. When he died I thought that I would die also, I begged God to take me too so we could stay together. I knew nothing of life except what I experienced as a couple. I can only tell you that it does indeed get easier, I can't say better, but easier. I have not gone to bed one time since he passed without having a discussion with him. I tell him about my day and ask him about
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