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    At. Dominics Hospital, Jackson, MS

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  1. On 11/4/2021 my sister went to the gym after work. While she was there exercising with a group she had a aneurysm. The ambulance came and took her. At the hospital, they put her in an induced coma. She was also then put on life support due to no brain activity. I think she died that evening. She was put to rest a few days after. She was my only sibling and was 1 year older than me. Absolute shock to my family! It’s crazy how fragile life can be. I’ve been trying to keep busy with work and also seeing a therapist. Everybody is still in shock I think. Like I’m in some kind of dream and all I nee
  2. I feel your pain and am very sorry for your loss. You will see him again. That’s a fact. Since my sister passed away on 11/04/2021, I’ve been watching a lot of videos on the afterlife. Prime and Netflix has wonderful documentaries about it. Just type in afterlife in either streaming apps and you’ll get them to come up. It strengthened my faith tremendously. Hope this helps. God bless!
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