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  1. Thank you for the list. I've printed it. I find myself feeling just completely hollowed out inside. Our plans unfinished and goals gone now. I do read the forum though. I feel I don't have a lot to share right now as far as posting goes. I appreciate everyone posting their experiences because even though it's an awful club to be in, it helps to not feel so alone.
  2. I'm new here and your story hit me hard. Same thing here. Met in 1982, I was 16. Spent every moment with my husband and we were just retired 3 years ago and planning our golden years together building a house in another state. Then covid hit us. We both got it hard and 5 days in we both started feeling better. New years eve we spent talking for hours about the future and how much we looked forward to 2020 being forever forgotten. Said goodnight. Just 4 hours later he was being transported by ambulance because his oxygen level dropped to 60. I couldn't visit but we texted each other. He was pro
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