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  1. This could have been written by me. I just dread getting out of bed, but if I don't I get these awful feelings of fear, dread, guilt and can't seem to function. I also have COPD which doesn't help as the fatigue is enormous. And these health problems are so discouraging because I can't do what I used to do, so I guess I'm also grieving my loss of my ability to get things done. And after nearly 60 years of cleaning, cooking, taking care of my many gardens, caregiving for everyone, I'm just tired of it all and don't want to do anything anymore. I try to set a goal of accomplishing at least one positive thing every day but just can't seem to get going. I'm trying to downsize as I can no longer maintain my home, but a 40-year accumulation is simply overwhelming. I just wish I could simply give myself a little time to absorb my loss and get some energy, but it's really discouraging. And these feelings of guilt when I do nothing make me feel worse. I'm grateful for finding this group for it's allowed me to know that what I'm experiencing is normal. But I still wish I could accept the way I feel. Thanks for listening for it helps to put how I feel in writing.
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