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  1. Thank you for your kind reply and for telling me your story. I am sorry the police did not do what they should have done, which was to hold the man who preyed on you accountable. I have had more than 1 man try to take advantage of me financially because of my being a vulnerable widow. One of them, my former handyman, succeeded, though not anywhere near in the way that happened to you. He gained my trust and then ripped me off on a bunch of repairs, leaving me thousands of dollars out of pocket. A State agency is now going after him, though I will not get a penny back if they succeed, than
  2. My husband died 3 years ago. He had been planning to move with me from where we were living in the UK to another country, halfway around the world where I had accepted a job. He had been suffering chronic health problems for years and his health had been declining. Both of us wanted to leave the UK and I thought a new start might turn things around for him. Instead, he wound up in hospital after we'd accepted an offer on our house and died after struggling for 5 very difficult weeks. I had already resigned from my job in the UK and agreed to start my new job by the given deadline. I had
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