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  1. Oh thank you this helps so much it's a good quote to live by during our moments of indecision.
  2. i have decided to go, i hope it is the right decision.😔
  3. so here i am a week later i dont know how i made it through a week, i am sure if am posting in the right forum about what i wanted to ask or shall i continue on here, my dad is now in chapel of rest and we can go to see him my sister is going before me and going to tell me what to expect, i did hold my dad after he passed and got some comfort from this but am not sure about going to see him in chapel, is it comforting, anyone regret going.
  4. Still trying to process what has happened is it real, still things to do, had 2 dreams about my dad since he passed. The feelings going on right now are that of a sadness, i feel subdued no anxiety which I dont need but it could come.
  5. i will read that now thank you.
  6. thank you so much, i understand, and i think i know what i have to try do to get through, your words of encouragement give me hope ❤️
  7. your words give me hope and comfort thank you so much ❤️
  8. thank you KayC, i also get comfort being around my mum, if and when 'it' does hit me what can i expect, would it be a huge wave of grief, maybe something i have felt but stronger am sorry if this is a stupid question i am going day by day getting through thinking i got through that one.😔
  9. Am i grieving, i have had periods of floods of tears followed by calm, i feel exhausted, i have little appetite, i have been busy sorting paperwork and have a short time alone, i have a banging headache, i slept ok which surprised me, i am checking local obituaries on the internet or looking for any famous people that have passed around this time too, i don't really understand why am doing it. I am waiting for it to hit me, i have replayed the end with my dad over and over in my mind i need to do this more, i feel sad that he is gone i feel so sorry for him. I feel for my mum she seems to be h
  10. its happened, my darling dad passed this morning💔
  11. yes complete sense i just a bit fearful what is to come, i have lost my beloved dog and grieved for him but i know this is going to be much much worse, i felt the grief then, it was only about 4 emotions, sadness, guilt, sorrow, deep longing for him, and some physical symptoms but that was all, i knew what they were and understood them i hope this time will be the same and i can manage them.Thank you for your reply.
  12. i think i meant to say or should have said in previous post, the list of emotions we feel in grief be it all of them, guilt, sorrow, pain, sadness, lonely etc etc i dont know how many there are but i meant to say once we know the feeling/emotions that we are facing/dealing with however often or strong they are, they are the only ones we will have to deal with, and then we could recognise them and know how to deal with them having felt and identified them, i would not like to get 6/12 months down the line and hit with another strange emotion connected to grief, something odd, something scary an
  13. Had a calm night with no knots in my stomach and now i worry why i felt calm, is this how it goes? am waiting for something, another feeling another hit of grief is this the order of things? does grief have a fixed set of emotions feelings and once you know them there is no more hidden ones waiting to hit you.
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