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  1. I put my 15 year old down on Saturday. She had a bout of pancreatitis in February (in addition to heart failure). It's so painful to watch them experience it. Sending you hugs and comfort during this tough time.
  2. Thank you so much for the kind words and support.
  3. On Saturday I had to say good-bye to my dog after 15 years together. We had a rough couple of months as her heart disease progressed, she had a bout of pancreatitis, and a corneal laceration that left her blind. Her coughing fits from the building edema in her lungs would sometimes cause her to faint, and I think she had a heart attack or stroke last week. It was the right choice to have her put to sleep so she could finally rest and no longer suffer. And it's been absolutely excruciating to move through this process. She's been my buddy in five different cities and states, my road companion,
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