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  1. Thank you, I’m so sorry for your loss, it’s heartbreaking. Sending hugs back to you from one sad dog mum to another x
  2. To be fair to the vets, they sent me commercial food recommendations which must have gone into my junk and then I went down the raw route because everyone was raving about it. When I told the vet they just said it might not be balanced but I bought the best balanced complete meals I could find. I’m not fully convinced it was that because he thrived on it in between but the timing is tough to take.
  3. I lost my beautiful dog three weeks ago. He was 14, and reasonably perky, still going on walks and eating and full of love and fun. My other dog was found to have kidney problems a while ago so I looked at kidney diets for him and found the best, accredited, approved raw food I could find and chose their diet for kidney problems which also said it was suitable for seniors and low fat. I emailed the company and asked if both dogs could have it and they said it was great for them both. I spoke to breeders and dog mums and “experts” and I moved them both to this food. I also gave one different ty
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