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  1. Thanks Ipswich & Kaye for both your responses. kayc, just to respond to your post on tips for grief: - I am seeing my Dr. for exhaustion & migraines, I see a grief therapist monthly via Zoom calls, and self-care has always been a priority in my life, but I’ve ramped it up now more than ever. - I do have a cat which keeps me company and I chat with friends on the phone. I’d like to see them more but this Covid fiasco limits that given the area I’m in, so socializing, volunteering etc. isn’t an option right now and I’m home a lot. - I recently started back to work whi
  2. Am I alone in my specific situation of grieving? My late husband and I meet 25 yrs ago and we were a perfect match. We had an amazing dating life, became best friends then he proposed. I was unaware, but 1.5 years before he proposed something affected him and he began to change. He didn’t tell me but once we married and were living together I could see something wasn’t right and he wasn’t being himself with me. He would withdraw and disengage to the point I didn’t feel honoured as a wife. At the 4 year mark his Dr. determined he was depressed and prescribed meds. Within weeks I saw dramat
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