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  1. Finally dreamt about my dad last night. He was in great physical condition. No more physical limitations. I hugged him as long as I could. He said not too tight. Thank you dad for being in my dream.
  2. Sorry about your loss Sheetal. I lost my dad April 19. I'm still comprehending the fact that I won't talk to him in this lifetime anymore. I did dream about him last night. He was in great shape in my dream. No more physical limitations. I hugged him as long as I could. He smiled at me. Not too tight he said. This is the first time I've dreamt about him since he passed away. I'm not equip to make suggestion on your grief. I know everyone grieve in their own way. All I can do is tell my own story.
  3. I have not dreamt about my father since he died. But I haven’t been sleeping as well. Hopefully soon I get to see him in my dreams.
  4. Thank you. Last night I actually got more than 4 hours of sleep. First time since my dad passed away.
  5. Not sure if this is true for most people. Night time is hardest time of the day for me. I can function quite “normal” during the day but once the sun goes down, I get a knot in my stomach. 🥲😢
  6. Thank you. I'm 52 years old. My dad and I were very close.
  7. Thank you. Reading other people’s stories indeed help. In due time, I’ll tell my dad’s story. He was buried today. I’m still searching for the right time to tell his story. Thank you again.
  8. I lost my dad less than a week ago. My grief is quite immense. I wake up in the middle of the night to have an anxiety attack. Part of me just wants to runaway. But I know I cannot runaway from the knowledge that my dad is gone. I’m lost.
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