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  1. Awsun, Thank you for your reply to my post and lead me to read yours. I am so sorry for the pain you are going through, it definitely sounds like we can relate to eachother. I would love to see some pics if you are happy to share them of your lovely cat. Its amazing the impact they have on us, my boys litter tray is still sitting in the kitchen and hasn't been cleaned out yet. My family think I'm being weird as I can't part with anything, like a claw from him scratching the carpet and a wee ball of fur from brushing him. He meant the world to me, I adored him and the emptiness without him is overwhelming. I am so glad you got almost 19 years with Sunni, its a blessing to have the time we did with them. I wish they would live longer, its an unfair world such beautiful creatures have short lives. You come across as a really dedicated and loving parent to Sunni, he will know how much you loved him you cared for him through really tough times! Alot wouldn't have put in the same amount of effort, so he was so lucky to have you. I cant wait to be able to just smile at the happy memories and not constantly cry, iv never felt pain like it. I feel like im carrying a very heavy load on my shoulders, my entire body feels so heavy and sore. My quality of sleep is awful, I fall asleep crying and I wake up and cry hes not there. I understand your pain, I am there with you ❤
  2. Aww Kieron it's the hardest thing to think about, treasure each moment you have ❤ take lots of photos and videos, im so glad I did this. I hope you have much longer than you may expect with your cat Thank you so much for your kind words, Oscar was my special boy and is irreplaceable 💙
  3. I found it very therapeutic today to try and draw my gorgeous Oscar
  4. I'm not very good at using a forum as this is my first so not sure how to reply to anyone individually. Thank you to everyone for such lovely replies. I definitely believe there are amazing humans in the world, but animals 100% more so! Animals don't care what we look like or anything, that unconditional love truly is unconditional. With humans that I believe can change as can be so judgemental if you don't fit into their idea of what you should be. I am so sorry kayc about the loss of your husband and your dogs and cats. The pain im feeling with my cat scares me so much I don't know how I'd move forward if it was my husband or my son. Such a lovely video thank you! You must have so much love in your heart to have loved all those dogs and cats ❤ I am due to start an open university course tomorrow morning and a new job on Wednesday and I don't feel up to any of it, I feel like I want to quit everything. All of it seemed like a great idea before my baby suddenly became ill and left this world. I now feel like it's all too much.
  5. Thanks so much for the replies. Oscar was a beautiful black and white cat, I had him since he was a baby (about 8 weeks old) so I feel grateful and blessed that I had him in my life for as long as I did. He was part of a rescued litter of kittens, he came to me and fell asleep in my arms while talking to the lady we were adopting from. I believe we chose eachother, I was in love with him instantly. He was so timid, when we got home he was scared to come out of the carrier and for his whole life he stayed a timid cat as he was scared of loud noises or sudden noise. It meant alot to me that he reacted to me saying its ok, it helped him relax and not run off when he got scared knowing he was safe. He was a house cat he didn't like to venture outside at all, the top step was as far as he would try but come straight back in. He was a funny cat, he liked to play fetch and he would take the little ball back for me to throw it again. He loved getting brushed so much! He loved to lick plastic bags for some reason. He loved lying on the most random of things, play monopoly he will lie on the middle of the board! Wrapping a present he would lie on the paper! He really loved to watch the birds at the window and chatter! He was my baby, he would lie on my lap every night while watching TV and then go to bed with me. He followed me to the toilet, I believe he loved me back as much as I love him. He growled at the postman which made me laugh so much I think sometimes he was meant to be a dog! I will miss everything about him, his noises, his footsteps, his smell, his gorgeous little face, his head bumps, his kneeding on my legs, everything! He has been with me through tough times like I had postnatal depression a few years ago. I have anxiety and I would feel calmer just having him near me. The pain of his absence is unbelievable. Thank you very much for asking for information about him, I enjoyed telling you about him. I am the weird woman that always talked about my cat to anyone who would listen. I very much hope that our bodies are shells and our spirit stays on, I hope that when my day comes I get to hold him in my arms again! I am 33, had my boy Oscar since I was 19 and had not long moved into my own place. My life feels forever changed by the loss. I feel sorry for people that do not connect deeply with their animals, it has been an amazing 14 years with him. I love him deeply and always will, it is so true the price of such a great love is the pain in grief once they are gone. I also get the guilt feeling, I wonder if we had taken him to the vet months ago would it have made a difference to how long he had left in this world. I wish I knew there was something happening inside him and could have saved him. I always hoped id be so lucky to have him til he was in his 20s! But I truly am grateful I had him as long as I did as I have read other stories of loss of much younger cats and I realise I was lucky for the length of time I had with such a special boy.
  6. 2 days ago we had to put our beautiful boy Oscar to sleep due to kidney disease, he was 14 and would have been 15 this month. I feel overwhelming pain physically and mentally at losing him, I had an incredible bond with him and I am struggling with his absence in the house. I feel no one understands as I have already been asked have I still not got it together yet. Its only been 2 days!! Why do people think pets are not worth grieving, I am completely devastated. I cant eat, iv barely slept and can't stop crying! I dont know how to help myself heal, its like pain I have never felt before.
  7. Your cat Skeeter was absolutely beautiful! I had a special bond with my boy Oscar and he had to be put to sleep 2 days ago due to kidney disease (he was 14, would have been 15 this month May) I believe I will be the same in years to come the pain is intense and can't imagine life without him. We have been blessed with love unlike any other and unfortunately the price we pay for it is the overwhelming grief at their loss 💔 I hope you are keeping well, I wish it didn't hurt so much. Take care x
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