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  1. I get it, and I completely understand you - very similar to what I just went through, and am going through. I'm so sorry for your loss, and the pain you went through at the end, and what you're going through now. Unfortunately, the memories at the end are some of the worst, and yet they are the most vivid right now. One suggestion would be to check with your local shelters for pet grieving resources. I was able to join in a group discussion on pet loss last night and, while I shed about a gallon of tears telling my story, it helped to know I was sharing it with people who understood, and there
  2. Thank you so much, I really appreciate it, and just being able to write some of this out and share it with others who may understand is helpful. I've been preparing for this to happen for years, due to the number of health issues she had, all the vet visits, meds, and so forth, even going as far to research in home euthanasia a number of times and trying to get myself mentally prepared for the inevitable day when I would lose her, and yet I'm still woefully unprepared for how hard the reality of it is.
  3. Hi all - On Saturday, I had to put down my beautiful little girl that I had for 16 years, Miss Tizzy. I've lost pets before, but this one was truly special to me - she was originally a street cat that I took into my home when she was pretty young, likely around a year old, and she's been the one constant in my life over all these years. The number of trials and tribulations we went through together would make a pretty long list - she had a number of health issues, including being diagnosed FIV+ early on, likely from a rat bite she suffered when she was outside (which was the catalyst to a
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